Track working time of your in-house and remote employees

Use our simple solution to control your employees, no matter where they work: at office, at home or elsewhere.


Track usage of software and access to files

Get a clear picture of the projects and files your staff works with. Check software usage logs. Identify and record time losses.


Online productivity control

Get instant reports on employees' working time utilization. Determine the effectiveness, improve and optimize productivity of your staff.


Parental control

Protect your children from improper use of technology. InspectSystem gives you a chance to keep an eye on what your children do as they use the PC. Take care of your children every day, openly or silently.


Time tracking software for local, remote and freelance staff

Remote staff control

Track progress of remote workers.

Daily performance record

Get your team’s daily working time log on your email.

Customer care supervision

Check how your employees interact with customers. Correct their work.

Software usage logs

Track software usage and unusual activity on controlled workstations.

Documenting the performance

Let employees improve their productivity by viewing their personal work logs. 

Prove your arguments when in dispute.

Violations detection

Customize working time policy and get automated violation reports.

Start TIME Tracking INSTANTLY!

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Set up on your own server. Available as an enterprise solution.


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Data processed and stored on our cloud server.
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«After three days of usage, I suddenly discovered my guys had a habit to game for two hours a day, sabotaging their productivity.»


The Head of group of developers

«Ten offices in seven regions of Russia – and such an easy solution to control them all, with no hardware and complex deployment. I set it up all by myself.»


Head of Online Store

«I caught an employee working on side projects – in my office, on my equipment.
A useful tool for an IT company»


Technical Manager, Department of development and testing


«With this software you just have to work, no slacks.»

Web Developer, freelancer

«A customer asked me to install and use this time tracking tool. I can toggle Start, Stop and Pause as I proceed with my orders, so the customer can see what I am working upon. The software calculates my hourly payroll as I am in Work mode, and I can see my personal work/rest statistics. Very convenient.»

Remote Copywriter

«I was working for Western companies that practice time tracking and hourly payment, so I had to use an oDesk service. Was pleased to realize there’s an even better instrument on domestic market.»

Freelancer, Web Developer

3 steps to get started

Create your InspectSystem account and
download a client app

Install the client app to monitored workstations and enter the unique server key at prompt

Log in to your account
to view reports