Time tracking of office and remote staff

Use simple mechanism registering work that is one on the PC, no matter where they work: in the office at home or elsewhere.


Time management when working with programs and files

Get a clear understanding about the projects and files the staff work on. Observe visual reports about work with programs. Consider time for other purposes.


Time tracking of employees in «Online» mode

Learn how your team spend their working time, determine the effectiveness, improve and optimize the work of all your staff.


Take control over your children's use of technology

You can not protect your child from all dangers of the computer. We give you a chance to recognize the risks in time and prevent the consequences. Care of your children every day, without prohibitions and restrictions!


Time Tracking Office employees and Freelance

Controlling the work of remote staff

Control the work progress of remote staff working from home.

Registering unfinished time on a project

Automate your staffs’ register with notifications. Get notified by email.

Supervision of staff working with clients

Check how staff interacts with clients. Correct their work.

Time tracking of work in programs

Check if their is anything unusual on a work PC.

Help in work disputes

Keep video reports breaches of conduct. Give the employee access to there personal statistics.

Detection of violation

Customize your own criteria, according to which the program will identify and report violations.

Start Tracking Time


Set up on isolated company server. Available as an eneterprise solution.


Control work in different Countries and Regions


Processing information through the online service, working without a server. Registration is required to get started.


«After three days of using the program, I unexpectedly discovered my employees’ gaming habits, for two hours a day, which was messing up their work.»


The Head of group of developers

«Having ten office in seven regions with Russia, I have established control of the office work, without technical solutions and equipment. I figured it out myself.»


Head of Online Store

«I discovered that while working on my projects my employee managed to work on foreign projects on the office computer. In the IT field, a very useful tool.»


Technical Manager, Department of development and testing


«With this program you’d have to work, you can’t hide.»

Web Developer, freelancer

«I was doing work for Western companies, who practice time tracking, they only pay for the time that you’ve worked on the project, used a stock exchanging program Odesk. I didn’t know that domestic market has a similar instrument of control.»

Freelancer, Web Developer

«Unexpected tool for monitoring the hours of work proposed by a customer. While I’m working on the orders, I click ‘Work’, when I finish I click ‘Rest’.The customer sees what I am working on and the program calculates the salary for the time I have worked, and I see the statistics of how much time I’ve spent working and resting.»

Remote Copywriter

3 steps to get started

Create your account on our site and
download the client application

Install the client application to
transfer statistics to the server

Log in your account
to view reports