Affiliate Program

If you are:

An active blogger or webmaster

An IT expert or consultant

 A software distributor

Let’s join our efforts to achieve a common goal!

The initial rate of commission reward is 20% of gross sales. Please check our partner fees in detail.

What type of cooperation to choose?

Individual Partner

Tell the world about InspectSystem:
– in your blog or on your website: place our banner or write a review;
– in your articles, comments and posts in social networks, boards, forums etc.
– invite your friends and colleagues, create customer accounts for them.
Attach your unique affiliate link (shown in your InspectSystem account) to your posts and we will know we got customers from you.

Corporate Partner

Your Company:
– working with IT clients;
– operate information system and sell software;
– assisting other companies to improve business processes or sells the equipment of safety systems;
You will be able to expand a range of services and offer more business opportunities to your clients.

Specially for you we can organize a separate branch of a product, customizing design under Brand of your company, you will not lose clients.

Help for Partners

– Individual approach to each partner;
– Partners are provided with informational materials and already prepared banners;
– Help and training sales department managers;
Link on partnership you will find after registration, in your “Personal cabinet”. If you have ideas or propositions, please, contact us.