Affiliate program

An affiliate program is an excellent way to make a profit by attracting clients and using your technical knowledge and the profession of a systems engineer or system administrator. The essence of cooperation is to attract regular customers who need to control the work of staff and measure the team’s effectiveness.

We pay you 20% of accruals from each payment or purchase of the program.

The remuneration depends on the volume of the involved company (number of employees and the chosen tariff plan). More about tariffs and program cost calculator.


Customer accounting on your own

Create accounts for clients on your own, and view the list of attracted clients in your partner account.

Individual conditions

The affiliate program allows you to expand the number of tested computers and the testing period when implementing the system in companies. In addition, the wishes for additional features of the system and integration with existing internal services of the client’s company are considered.

Partner’s support

  • Individual communication and work with each partner
  • Provision of information materials and ready-made banners
  • Training, consultations on the program
  • Attracting customers through an affiliate link. This is a more passive attraction of customers, you only need to place the material on your site. An affiliate link is available after registration in the system, in your personal account, “Affiliate program” tab. You can see the results in your personal account.


The initial commission rate is 20% from each sale. Interest increases if the number of new customers increases. Detailed information is in the table below.

Commission table

Sales by version Attracted customers Commission rate
Cloud or Local 1 – 10 20%
11 – 50 30%
51 – 100 40%
101 – 200 50%
>200 60%

Who can easily become a partner?

System integrators

If you provide IT services, set up information equipment, install software and support clients.

Business consultants

You consult and improve business processes. Help other companies work more efficiently and compete in the market. Work directly with company leaders.

Online business companies

Having their own clients, for whom it will be helpful and interesting to have the service for recording employees’ working time.

Website owners or bloggers

Place information about the program on your website and attract customers through a referral link. Post a review of the program on your blog.