Information for Partners

Dear friends!
We would like to express our gratitude for your interest in InspectSystem project and we invite you for cooperation and future development.

Lets combine our efforts to achieve a common goal!

If after looking through our website you are interested in the system and you have some commercial ideas – we will be glad to cooperate.

If you:

Active person, blogger or owner of the website with a similar theme or suitable for publication

An expert at Information Technology (IT) field, consulting different programs, installing or accompanying clients;

Company working in the Internet business with their own customers, which will be useful and interesting InspectSystem

Advise and improve a business, helping companies become more efficient and stronger or work directly with executives

What is the Income Partner?

The initial rate of rewards 20% sales. More information about partner fee.

What type of cooperation to choose?

Personal Partnership

You distribute information and popularize InspectSystem in a convenient way:
– in your blogs , in thematic sections;
– your own or friends websites , your series of articles
– Place already prepared banners and materials;
– recommend friends, colleagues, independently register clients that are interested in the system;
– very topical, if you actively working with social networks.
All materials contain affiliate link, which is available after registration in Personal Cabinet.

Company Partner

Your Company:
– working with IT clients;
– operate information system and sell software;
– assisting other companies to improve business processes or sells the equipment of safety systems;
You will be able to expand a range of services and offer more business opportunities to your clients.

Specially for you we can organize a separate branch of a product, customizing design under Brand of your company, you will not lose clients.

Help for Partners

– Individual approach to each partner;
– Partners are provided with informational materials and already prepared banners;
– Help and training sales department managers;
Link on partnership you will find after registration, in your “Personal cabinet”. If you have ideas or propositions, please, contact us.