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Industrial revolution of the XVIII-XIX centuries allowed to begin the process of automation of production processes. In the modern information world, when information becomes demanded product, the accents are shifted, automation of the working time of programmers, analysts of designers and other specialists working at the computer is being automated.

Handwritten registers of working time control are quickly receding into the past. Instead, software and hardware complexes are created specifically to solve such problems. About them we’ll talk in this post.

The reasons for automation of working time monitoring

Nowadays the effectiveness of staff determines the competitiveness of the market and for modern managers the task of monitoring the work of personnel at each stage of the production cycle is moving to the foreground.

The cost of continuous monitoring of the work of employees increases, and the solution of this problem by classical methods becomes impossible. Only the use of specialized programs to control personnel makes it possible to receive reliable and complete information about the work of personnel. The introduction of such systems helps to organize the workflow at the enterprises, minimizing the downtime of each employee.

Types of staff performance monitoring systems

The market presents dozens of programs and services designed to automate the monitoring of working hours. They differ in the methods of collecting and processing information and, accordingly, the amount of data accumulated:

  • Fixation of the launch of programs on the client computer. Thus, with the minimum amount of information collected, it becomes possible to evaluate the employee’s work by comparing the time of work in applications with the rules and processes established at the enterprise.
  • Event log on the client computer, such as typing with the keyboard, launching programs and recording from the microphone and camera transmitted over the data network. Detailed collection of information about the user’s work at the computer requires complex systems for analyzing and monitoring the collected data, as well as attracting security services. Usually it is used in the regime enterprises with special safety requirements.
  • Video recording from the user’s computer screen. Despite the amount of information up to 1 GB per day, which is recorded and transmitted to the server, such systems show full statistics of the user’s work on the computer, but, like other video monitoring systems, require the constant work of the operator monitoring the events on the employees screens and providing the necessary reactions.

Which indicators are monitored

Most of the employee monitoring programs on the market have similar control capabilities. Let’s consider the most significant:

  • Registration of the employee’s working time by activity on PC. Analysis of data on working time allows you to build a business process in the company taking into account the bottlenecks in the work of personnel and determine the productivity of each employee, as well as to increase discipline and organization.
  • Monitoring of running applications and the duration of their work. The value for analyzing this indicator is that it reveals deviations in the work of personnel. There is an opportunity to react quickly to the risks of data leakage or bad faith of performers. Provide the manager with statistics on the time spent on a specific business transaction
  • Recording of screenshots for further video playback from the user’s screen. This function is a means of deeper analysis of the work of each employee. The manager receives an additional tool for analyzing the quality of work throughout the task. See the problems of everyone and promptly adjust the work. In addition, the availability of such information becomes an indispensable argument in resolving labour disputes, improves self-discipline and minimizes the use of company equipment for personal purposes.

Who and why uses staff monitoring systems

The scope of use of personnel monitoring systems is constantly expanding as the functionality of the systems is expanded. Initially oriented to the heads of enterprises, they were demanded by the HR department staff, busy with time management. Recruitment specialists diagnose with their help the mood of both individual employees and the company as a whole. Heads of departments, having received the tool of explicit and implicit monitoring of employees, can operatively influence working processes, optimize work and minimize risks in the work of subordinates. But the main argument in favor of the introduction of such systems is to increase the self-discipline and quality of each employee’s work, regardless of the position and responsibilities in the company. It is this fact that determines the building a successful business.

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Which system to choose

The choice of staff monitoring system will depend on many factors depending on the needs of the company. It is important to remember that the more information is collected, the more computing and human resources will be required for analysis. suggests in our opinion an optimal set of controlled parameters, methods for their analysis and reporting. More details on the functionality you can find on this page. Free testing period of a full-featured version of the system in 14 days will not require long-term implementation and configuration and will allow you to quickly assess the benefits of using.

We hope to become your partner in building and developing business.

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