Delegation of authorities or how to cleare manager’s schedules

Delegation of manager’s authorities as a mechanism of making time available brings good results. Without delegation, everything can just not be controlled. Time is the main resource and we often experience its shortage. The ability to manage time is the ability of a person to correctly distribute tasks and select the right performers.

Management is directly related to the control of indicators: the processes of creation or development, working pattern of employees, organizational and other tasks. Indicators that are all-important for the manager:

  • Production or productivity 
    How much work the employee performs for a certain time.
  • Labor intensity or speed of tasks performance
    For how much the employee performs a certain job.

Control of indicarors is important for stimulating employees and understanding at what stage is the fulfillment of project tasks: how much is fulfilled, what is not enough for its completion and fulfillment on time.

When monitoring work, standards and criteria should be defined. For work with copywriters this is the number of characters, the structure of the text, correct headings. For the work with programmers these are declared possibilities. For work with designers – sketches. This all describes the technical assignment.

контроль рабочих показателей

Control as an assistant in decision-making

For example:

  • definition of the need for a new job or position;
  • accuracy in the selection of a suitable employee;
  • improvement of the quality of the employee’s work;
  • definition of the workload for a particular employee.

Control is the functional duty of the manager. With the expansion of business, the workload on the manager increases and a moment comes when he can not cope, gradually losing control in manageability. It is important for the manager to find a balance between the number of duties and the time consuming. This can be done by delegating of part of the duties or spending less time on them.

Let’s make manager’s time available through:

  1. Delegation of tasks and authorities,
  2. Automation of routine tasks.

Delegation of tasks

Delegation of authorities entails confidence toward the person who will carry out your work. Often it is hard for managers to decide because of doubts and worries. Will my work be done by another person as well as I do. Possible losses of the company, unintentional or intentional harm cause fear.

Write your accumulated tasks on paper to see them on one sheet. Select those that you can not delegate and describe nearby the reason for the failure, for example, there is no candidate or position. For complex tasks prepare the right employee and smoothly transfer to him part of the work, checking his competence.

Delegation of authorities will require you to be persistent and time-consuming. In the first stages, monitor the delegated authorities. You will need to check, correct, return for revision, check the corrected – and so on until you achieve a satisfactory result.

Automation of tasks

автоматизация задач

Various programs and online services have been developed to automate control and management. They are important for both managers and staff. For managers these are the systems for monitoring employees, for employees – system for working with clients, communication systems, online chats and others. Their application allows to significantly reduce the time spent for different work processes.

To reduce the time used by an employee, conduct an audit of his activities, understand how work is done. Then select the places where the work can be automated. Perform the automation.

For example, you have a website and you accept online applications, make sure that each application is processed automatically, the contact came directly to the CRM system. If you have 10 applications per day and manually processing will take 5-7 minutes each, automation of the process will give you 50-70 minutes of free working time per day and 250-350 minutes per week. Spend this time looking for new customers!

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