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We will not go deep into the description of DLP systems. General information on preventing information leakage can be found here.

Leak prevention is no easy task. Such systems need to ensure the impossibility of transferring or storing corporate information on third-party media and services. In other words, DLP systems are used to prevent employees from harming the company. DLPs are divided into active and passive systems, depending on the selected mode of operation: blocking or control (monitoring).

Overview of DLP systems 2019

Protecting your company’s network from data leaks is the priority of any company’s security service. However, this task is complicated by the strong competition and popularity of the bring your own device concept (BYOD) policies. Although there are many cybersecurity solutions on the market, choosing the wrong system can lead to gaps in the work of the services involved.

Information leakage prevention systems are one of the oldest types of data protection software. But are they time-tested solutions or outdated practices? Let’s find out the main pros and cons of DLP systems.

Benefits of DLP systems

Standard security measures include a firewall, intrusion detection system and antivirus software. These are the mechanisms that protect computers from internal and external attacks.

Adding a DLP solution to your cybersecurity system gives you the following benefits:

  • Efficiency to prevent internal and external threats
  • Ensuring data exchange visibility
  • Applying authorization procedures before accessing sensitive data
  • Using machine learning to detect abnormal user behavior and label sensitive data


Disadvantages of DLP systems

The idea of having a DLP system to prevent data leakage caused by both internal and external hackers looks good. However, if your company has a DLP system installed, there is a risk that it may leave gaps in your corporate security. You can rely on the system and think that everything is protected, so there is no need to introduce other security measures. But this feeling may turn out to be false.

When using a DLP solution, pay attention to the following:

  • DLP deploying takes a lot of time and effort 
  • Accurate data flow policies are required
  • Creating a data loss prevention policy takes a lot of time
  • There might be difficulties in the inventory of all sensitive data preparation and user rights settings


So, what are the reasons for looking for alternatives to DLP systems?

  • High price. Free and open-source DLP systems do not exist. This is serious software for solving corporate problems, requiring the same serious technical support. Theoretically, free can only be a completely raw product, which would eventually become paid
  • Sophisticated functionality: experienced professionals are required to install and configure correctly
  • Lack of flexibility – many features that are not useful, but you will have to pay for them
  • The purchase of equipment in each office and software maintenance is required

If we consider alternatives in the plane of control of the work performed, we should highlight such elements as:

  • Recording of discipline, time spent 
  • Monitoring of work with Internet 
  • Monitoring customer service, correspondence in messengers and mail
  • Ability to monitor work performed
  • Saving data on the performance
  • Alerts of irregularities


DLP systems – 100% guarantee of information protection against leakage?

The suppliers of DLP systems will hardly give you such a guarantee. Why? The situation is similar to antivirus software. They exist, they work, but viruses can be caught even with installed protections. This battle is endless. In some companies that are serious about information security, where inventions or working with important documents occur, staff working is organized without access to the Internet.

Here is an example. Before starting work, employees pass control: they turn in their mobile phones. There is no possibility of connecting external devices to computers at their workplaces. Internet access is organized on demand, that is, it is necessary to file a specific document, an access log is maintained. In this case, the employee will first think about whether he needs information on the Internet. This really an inexpensive DLP system through the organization of labor.

Given the need for information exchange, closed work without access to the Internet is technically almost impossible. Therefore, the prevention of leaks has to be reduced to controlling the computer. One of such control systems – InspectSystem – recording of working hours of employees with advanced control. The program has all the control elements of DLP systems with different types of control: cloud and local.


Why InspectSystem

A DLP system can effectively prevent data loss but requires a thorough and thoughtful implementation. Unfortunately, there is a risk of leaving some sensitive data unprotected due to the complex procedures for their detection. Manually configuring a DLP solution and manually scanning the entire network takes a lot of time.

Deploying a solution to monitor user activity, such as InspectSystem instead of DLP, is a smart choice. InspectSystem constantly monitors all activities on your company’s network, including internal and external users. It also provides you with a robust incident response feature that includes alerts and notifications. InspectSystem combined with a simple deployment scheme is more efficient and easy to use than a traditional DLP system.

Using InspectSystem as an alternative to DLP, you can:

  • easily combine control over all the offices of your company
  • using the online service, save on the purchase and maintenance of equipment
  • check the work of employees: how they work with clients, interact with employees
  • receive alerts
  • just set up control and manage without specialists

We offer DLP alternatives testing! Free 14 days on three computers.

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