Employee working time statistics. Improving discipline

How to improve staff discipline using InspectSystem?

A frequent occurrence is being late and not observing the working regime by personnel. The employee admits frequent delays and does not comply with the work schedule, allowing himself to leave earlier or be systematically late.

This is partly due to a lack of understanding of the meaning of time for the company. The employees do not think about work performance. The second and foremost reason is that they do not see their inefficiency.

Personal statistics

In companies where there are no mechanisms for controlling working at the computer, the employees honestly overlook shortcomings until they see their faults in the numbers. Everything can change if the employees are asked to monitor their own indicators of hours worked. This is what we have implemented for you in our time tracking system.

Added feature: Personal statistics of working hours for an employee

The self-control of the use of working time will increase the discipline of your company staff!

Working hours’ personal statistics will help employees monitor their current day’s, worked week or month performance. They can see data on delays, absences from the workplace and shortcomings.

To give personal statistics access, the manager just needs to specify in the “Settings” the employee’s e-mail and click the “Send login and password” button. The employee will receive an email message with a link to the web service and login/password. The employee will receive an email with the following content:

You are given access to personal statistics of work at the computer for self-monitoring of working time indicators.
To log in, use the following data:
Login: user@domain.com
Password: password

How to set up access to statistics of working hours for an employee?

Personal statistics apply

You only need four steps to enable personal working time statistics:

  1. go to the “Settings” of the employee whose statistics you want to enable;
  2. enter his email;
  3. switch to the “On” mode and check the box next to “Send login and password”;
  4. click “Apply” to confirm the settings.

Now the employee will have access to personal statistics, which will help him use his working time more efficiently.

Try to implement self-control mechanisms in your company – this will improve the interaction between the manager and subordinates. Allow employees to see their underperformance and increase their effectiveness.

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