How to create your own internal security service

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We will try to figure out when it’s time for the manager to think about creating his own security service in the company. When comes this moment that the security service is necessary at the enterprise. We will highlight the security elements so that you can apply them to your own business processes and prioritize them.

How the security service is formed in the company

Security service in the company is a structure that performs functions of protection against external and internal influences, that are trying to suspend or block the work of the company. Consider what relates to the direct responsibilities of such services and talk about them in more detail.

Physical security in the company

Physical security is provided by the enterprise security units, regime department and performs the following functions:

  • protection of access to premises by unauthorized persons;
  • protection of property (buildings, equipment, products) from theft, raiding, damages, fires;
  • protection of employees (managers) from physical violence.
физическая защита

Staff control

The personnel and regime departments provide verification and control of the staff. They carry out:

  • screening of candidates when entering employment, staff security.
    The first contact with the future employee and the identification of his qualities in communication are being found: honesty, loyalty to the company, the absence of a criminal past, communication with competitors;
  • monitoring the target use of working time.
    Checking of employee compliance with the working pattern, how the company’s working time is used and for what purposes.
контроль всех процессов в компании

Information security

Information security is provided in some cases by the HR department and the IT department, using special technical tools: time tracking systems or staff monitoring systems. They carry out:

  • restriction of access to information that contains data on the financial and economic situation of the enterprise: financial statements, loans, contracts – protection of commercial information;
  • restriction of the dissemination of information for the protection of business secrets;
  • protection of information from theft: interception by competitors through communication channels or programs;
  • protection of information from damage and destruction, for example, by viruses;
  • protection of information from leakage: espionage, copying of documents, product tampering.

Creation of your own security service

When creating your own security service, you will need to consider the following steps:

  • establishment of a separate unit that performs all functions;
    Who will be involved and whom it will be subordinated to.
  • delegation of its functions to the employees of the relevant division of the enterprise;
    What powers will security officers have.
  • attraction of companies that provide security services, staff monitoring or developers of technical systems to monitor the staff and protect information;
    attraction of companies that provide services for the protection, verification of personnel or developers of technical systems to monitor the work of employees and protect information;
    What technical facilities should have your security service.

Size and functions of security service

It depends on the number of current personnel of the company and the internal processes that you want to protect in the work of the company.

Sometimes companies do not need full protection, but need protection in certain areas that are important to them or subject to danger: security, personnel or information.

Security of an enterprise, staff monitoring, control of the use of information are interrelated. Security depends on control, and control uses security service facilities.

Technical facilities of security services

  • Polygraph. Is used by employment for positions of responsibility. It checks honesty and openness of a person, loyalty to the company. It helps to identify unreliable employees. Such a method is good for a qualitative employment, is also used in the investigation of theft and damages of property, industrial espionage. To force an employee to pass a polygraph examination is prohibited by law.
  • Regime control systems. They control the employee’s compliance with the working pattern of the enterprise. These are turnstiles with magnetic cards and others, such systems provide statistics on not full working times and overtimes, early leaving from work, tardiness, extended breaks or absenteeism.
  • Staff control software. It controls the time management of an employee and work on the computer. It fixes the working pattern, analyzes the launched programs and the opened sites, provides statistics on the use of time. There are many of such programs and their capabilities are different.
  • Control systems. They limit access to information and provide access control to information;
    These are passes to the premises, passwords for working in programs, blocking access to certain sites (social networks, sites not related to work), protection of communication channels (e-mail, wi-fi).
    They are intended to restrict access to information from employees and competitors, in order to avoid the spread and leakage of commercial information, copying of documents.
  • Watching cameras. Recording, viewing video events – is a tool to identify violations in the work: theft, negligence, damage of the property, the identification of conflicts. Fixing the entrance and exit to the premises or to the enterprise to control the perimeters.

When it’s time to create your own security service

  1. You experience problems with staff and you incure losses due to lack of control or irresponsibility.
  2. When you realize that you are not able to consoder all the work and proper control over the job performance.
  3. When the personal control of the company’s resources is difficult and it is spent unconsciously.
  4. When it is necessary to protect the work of the collective from external factors, to establish calm work for the staff.

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