How to monitor remote staff?

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Since the computer became a tool for making money, freelance and remote work are actively present in our business life and are in demand among business owners. According to labor market research, the freelance workforce totaled 53 million by 2020, and 40 percent of the workforce is projected to be freelancers by the end of 2020.

Today, the leaders of many companies collaborate with remote employees. Working with them offers a lot of advantages for the business, but also imposes the complexity of controlling the work of freelancers, remote workers, and interacting with them.


Employee motivation

Effectively managing a team of remote employees and controlling their work can only be done, taking into account psychological, motivational and organizational factors.

You can find out the motivation of remote employees by learning more about each of them, their interests, families, individual characteristics, etc. It is important to constantly improve the relationship with remote employees, build trustful relationships with each of them. Of course, remote employees, as well as freelancers, first of all, need self-motivation, but the participation and support from the management significantly increase productivity.

Both a freelancer and a remote employee need motivation. Often it is difficult for such people to work without an internal engine that spurs them into action and ensures that a person gets to work and performs tasks without a «boss on his neck». After all, freedom can also be quite burdensome, because it means great personal responsibility and requires a high degree of self-discipline.

The advantages of flexible working models mean increased motivation and productivity of employees – these positive aspects must be supported when the manager organizes the work of remote employees. At the same time, managers should provide such employees with the appropriate tools and capabilities so that they can work together as closely as if they were in the same office.


Аcquaintance of the employee with the company, building a working relationship

It doesn’t matter whether employees work remotely or in the office – the manager needs to pay equal attention to their socialization, organization of working interactions. The company must have the most transparent rules regarding corporate policy, working hours, coordination processes and participation in meetings. This creates clarity and reliability of planning for everyone. The relationship between employees and management should be trusting, that is, constructed in such a way that the manager does not have to spend time and nerves on constant reminders of the deadlines and requirements for the quality of work.

Since remote workers cannot exchange ideas over a cup of coffee in the office kitchen or talk from workplaces, suitable communication channels are needed. Email and instant messengers are ideal for short discussions. When it comes to more important information, remote employees should be able to communicate directly. All employees can participate in video conferences that do not require sophisticated equipment and without the expense of special efforts. This makes the relationship between employees much closer. The Fraunhofer Institute’s research shows that video communication is not necessarily faster than by phone or email, but the quality of the results and employee satisfaction is significantly higher. This strengthens the team spirit, even if the participants are not in the same office.


Employee working time control

No matter how strange it may sound, statistics show that control disciplines employees and improves their productivity. They work harder when they know about control or when they think they are being watched. If we consider the InspectSystem service, it successfully achieves this goal by automatically monitoring the work of your employees online.

The InspectSystem software product allows you to monitor the work performed in real-time and answers all your questions in working with remote personnel. It is an effective, inexpensive and convenient online manager tool for monitoring remote and office employees working at a computer.

Employees work better if there is regular monitoring with real-time feedback from their manager. Simply recording keystrokes or saving screenshots is not enough for future analysis. A certain level of interaction and feedback is crucial for discipline and improving results. If you tell employees that managers and supervisors can see what is happening on personal computers in real-time, this will increase discipline and productivity.

InspectSystem enables managers to remotely monitor multiple employees in real-time. You do not need to leave your workplace to check your employees’ computers for illegal activities. Record the actions and see what your employees do!


How the program helps control remote employees

You give the installation program to a remote employee, he installs it on his work computer. The program records the start and end time of the work, displays the inactivity of the employee during the working period. It also knows how to calculate wages for hours worked, so you do not have to pay for downtime, but only for active working hours.

Since often remote employees use their computers or laptops, to not record their activities, the program provides the ability to exclude from monitoring their local accounts. An employee can create a new account on the computer, for example, a «freelancer», and perform your tasks in it without fear of interference in their personal space.


Remote employee control – stay informed!

To start using the program, you just need to register in the online service. The remote employee or freelancer can do this by himself and give you access to the statistics of his work. Then you need to install the program on a remote computer and immediately receive data on the work performed by the employee, which will arrive automatically.

Start monitoring remote employees today, stop worrying, all the work will be obvious to you!

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