How to manage remote employees?

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A well-known HR formula: 10% of your employees will work well, another 10% will be negligent towards their work, and the rest 80% will be efficient if managed properly.

Nowadays many organizations know how to benefit from managing remote employees – it is cost effective, however, has its drawbacks as well.

The communication system became so easy and convenient to use – via Skype and telephone; tasks are delegated globally via Internet and the payment became digitalized. Sounds simple, right?

However, even though it does sound simple, there are certain things that may make employer experience inconvenient situations.

How to manage employees in different parts of the world?

In this case you may have the following questions:

  • Employee doesn’t return your calls? Are you sure that he is actually working at his desk?
  • Is he carrying out some work?
  • How long did he spend his time on performing tasks?
  • What is the project deadline, will he be able to make it on time?

How to be sure that the project is completed or that the employee won’t disappear before meeting its deadline. No one wants to be fooled.

The most important for remote employee is to meet the deadlines and to make as few professional mistakes as possible. The employer should not waste time on chasing his employees who are about to miss a deadline and put the project at risk. So how to solve these issues and manage working process with remote employees?

The solution is InspectSystem – this software operates 24/7, and is an effective, cost-efficient and convenient tool for employers to manage their remote and in-house office staff.

How does InspectSystem actually help to manage remote employees?

Every employee has to install InspectSystem onto his personal computer. The software will automatically record the time employee starts working at his PC, the time he finishes, and his inactivity during the workday. InspectSystem makes your life easier by calculating salaries for every employee based on his working hours. You pay your workers for their “active” hours rather than for their inactivity in the office during the day.

Since freelancers, and probably some employees, use their personal computers or laptops, such a freelancer has an option to set up his personal account, and toggle start/stop monitoring, with no worries about exposure of his private activity. In this case permissions to monitor the account are granted to project owners by the user himself.

Try it!

To start using the program, you just need to register online or get a permission from a freelancer to monitor his personal account. Once InspectSystem agent is installed on the remote computer, it will instantly generate and send you reports on employee’s working progress.

Stop being worried about remote employees and start using InspectSystem today! Try it now for FREE

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