How to teach employees to monitor the working hours

How to monitor the working hours if employees complain about large amounts of work and are delayed with implementation? Have you ever had cases when employees are justified on your remarks, saying that they are overloaded? They do not see their own failure, so the comments for them are “niggling” and a reason for resentment.

контроль рабочего времени со спины

Observe the staff if you notice the following trends in their work:

  1. Employees spend a lot of time in social networks, on entertainment resources, play games at the expense of work
  2. They are often late and delayed after work. Employees do not respond to comments and the number of disciplinary violations does not decrease
  3. Employees do not cope with the tasks in time and require to hire additional employees

Use the computer program or service to monitor working hours, which will analyze the situation in the company, generate performance indicators of employees and provide data for analysis. This method is the most relevant for office staff, who conducts at the computer almost all the time.

If you try to publicly tell employees about the introduction of such a program, do not expect a happy reaction. Employees are often not ready for the introduction of monitoring of working hours and resist it by different methods.

Why do employees resist when their time has to be counted?

After all, if a person really works, then he is okay with any monitoring, he has nothing to hide. The manager is once again convinced of their efficiency. Only those who avoid the work, leads a relaxed mode of work and does not worry about the effectiveness are afraid. You can identify these people in your team and determine the potential of your company or sales team, for example. In more detail we described the resistance of personnel in the article.

Let’s understand the reasons for the resistance of staff, their fears:

  • Employees are afraid of absolute control: it will be necessary to work from 8 to 17 hours without leaving the computer
  • Privacy protection
  • They think that only management will benefit from this

How should a manager get over the control resistance

Explain to employees the benefits of time control. After all, employees think that monitoring their working time will bring only fines and blames. Explain that it is beneficial not only for you, but for the company. You are the manager and must see the performance indicators and monitor the working process.

With the implementation of time management, each employee will be able to:

  • effectively organize working hours and monitor your own performance
  • get an promotion for good performance
  • earn more in the form of bonuses for excellent work
  • gain the trust of management

What the managers say about «Inspect System»

как контролировать рабочее время руководителю

Some of our clients tell us how the team works after the first month of using the program :

  1. There was a separate type of employees, there are a few of them, but they have “boggarts” in their computers – that are brakes with computer, a long program opening, a weak Internet, a keyboard does not print, and so on. All this mysticism disappeared when the system administrator came and asked to show the defects.
  2. Some try to deceive the program, search in the Internet, how to do it. There are very few of such employees and they quickly discover themselves.
  3. Improvement of discipline. When managers open access to employees for their statistics of working hours. People are less late and observe the mode of work.

The program responded to the main tasks:

  • when exactly begins the working day of each employee (taking into account the morning coffee and a smoke break)
  • accurate start and end of work data
  • the exact time worked at the computer by each employee
  • automatic calculation of undertime and overtime
  • reports in the form of a time sheet

The report made by the time management program is analyzed and evaluated by the management: valid reasons and explanatory notes of employees are considered, disciplinary punishments and incentives are applied.

Additional benefit of time control

The time tracking program The time tracking program is convenient for working with freelancers who perform hourly work. If you hire remote employees then their control becomes easier.

The customers of the “Inspect System” evaluated the work of the program with remote employees. This allowed them to monitor the work remotely and reduce the time required to complete the tasks. Employees are more responsible when their work is monitored. Freelancer working on your projects launches the time recording program, fixes the work performed, when he need to rest independently stops the timer.

Thus, the supervisor sees that the remote worker was working and understands how much time is spent on the performance.

How to monitor the working hours – conclusions

Using the program, all the performance indicators of personnel are available to managers, how the main company’s capital – time – is spent. By monitoring you see the costs of working hours, what it spends. Data on which you can determine the employment of employees and improve discipline are formed. If you do not have a program, use the journals of arrival and leaving to understand the operability.

The monitoring of working hours will make employees more motivated and disciplined – staff can independently monitor their statistics. And managers will be able to analyze the results of work based on real data.

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