Creation of information security of the company

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Rapid development of the information society and the Internet creates new threats in our lives.
Paradox! Millions of people use computers, they know about the existence of viruses, hacker attacks and theft of personal data, but do not understand how to protect themselves from their actions. Therefore, the question arises: how can a manager protect data, potential projects and business finances without drowning in the ocean of existing cyber threats.

Concepts and purposes of information security provision of the company

In the context of the convergence of the physical and virtual worlds, it is important to have a clear understanding of the basic concepts and determine the purpose of information security of the company.

Information security

Provides data protection from unauthorized access to viewing, theft, alteration and destruction of information by intruders.

Purpose of information security

To minimize losses by violation of integrity, confidentiality and availability requirements.

Ways to propvide security in the company

To effectively provide security the companies use such protection facilities:

  • Physical protection facilities – external protection and supervisingthe territory of the property
  • Hardware protection – specialized electronic, electromechanical and automated devices
  • Software protection – specialized software. Are the most popular information security facilities.

Statistics of the main sources of information leakage in companies

Undefined - 22.5%
Paper documents - 22,3%
Computers - 15%
Notebooks, smartphones - 9,6%
Backup media - 8,6%
Web channels - 6,7%
E-mails - 6,3%
Removable media - 6,3%
Other - 3%

The schedule of leak channels. Data provided by “InfoWatch” analytical center.

Security service responsibilities

Information security specialists are obliged to:

  • Provide full protection of business information (strict admission to the building, vigilance of security guards, attraction of all possible protection facilities)
  • Warn and identify hackings and thefts of company business information
  • Forecast the risks that may occur at the time of company data hacking.

In September 2016, Promon researchers showed a remote hacking of the Tesla Model S P85 and Model 75D, attacking the Android application. Experts proved that criminals, having access to the official application of Tesla, can find out the names and passwords of the victim, and then remotely control the electric car – start the engine without a key, open the door, track the car.

Protection of company information

Company information protection software are a popular tool for ensuring the company’s information security. This is due to their availability, universality, ease of implementation and the possibility of completion for a particular organization or individual user.

InspectSystem registers data about documents, programs and applications with which the employee works on his PC. The amount of time spent on working in these programs is displayed in user-friendly reports with the ability to search and filter. Saving screenshots of the PC screen allows the manager to accurately determine what the employee is doing in the workplace.

For example, if the manager sees that the employee is actively using the Internet browser, visiting websites for finding work, then it is worth to look at and find out the reasons for leaving, to discuss the possibility of continuing cooperation or to assess and minimize possible risks for the company in connection with the quirring of such a specialist.

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