Monitoring of working hours

A sales manager comes to me and says: «Mister Tomtit, please block social networks and access to websites for me, otherwise I can not work. And set more tasks, because I spend a lot of time on chatter and disputes with colleagues. Not to mention the smoke and coffee breaks.» Silent with surprise I decided to reconsider the organization of staff’s work by installing the monitoring of employees’ working hours.

Felix Tomtit, HR – manager of an enterprise.

Программист за макбуком

Let’s consider why this employee came to Mr. Tomtit with such a problem, why it arose and how to solve it.

It is always necessary to monitor employees’ working hours. Thanks to that we identify the workload of staff, optimize the work of the office. We find and eliminate violations in the workplace, and they are present in any company.

Distractions that are detected due to the monitoring of the work of employees

  • Banal laziness, idleness

According to, 4% of employees are harmed by poor concentration, and 23% do not work simply because they are bored with the work atmosphere.

  • Talks with colleagues

Communication with colleagues is the main “killer” of the time, and the workers themselves readily agree. 23.4% of workers admitted that communication with other employees is the main source of their diversion from work. 14% stated that they are wasting a lot of their working hours on talks with colleagues.

  • Social networks

Social networks significantly affect the productivity of employees. Statistics are disappointing: 77% of employees who are registered on Facebook, log in to their accounts during working hours.

For example, the indicative statistics of popular social networks where employees spend time: Facebook – 41% of employees, LinkedIn – 37%, Yahoo! – 31%. In the CIS countries on the first places are social networks Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Moi Mir.

  • Visiting various web-sites

Employees spend working hours not only on social networks, but also on various web resources that are not related to work. 64% of the interviewed workers admitted that every day during working hours they visit interesting sites. 45% of employees said they visit web resources for personal interests and spent a lot of time on it.

  • Gadgets (smartphones, tablets)

When all the office computers are locked for social networks, employees use gadgets to solve their daily problems. Play games on the tablet, talk on the phone, publish new photos through smartphones in Instagram and so on.

  • Job searches

62% of working respondents admitted that they are looking for a new job. And 46% of office workers do it during working hours on the computer of the current employer.

  • Disputes with colleagues

36% of workers admitted that they spend valuable working time on disputes with colleagues, solving conflict situations. And 11% said that it takes a lot of time to repair the computer’s malfunctions.

успешный руководитель

The manager should not immediately block social networks and websites, prohibit talking on the phone, hammer for frequent smoke and tea breaks. He should use monitoring to control the time that the employee spends on all these matters. The statistics will display everything on the screen and if the employee spends working time in vain and his personal indicators have decreased, then the leader needs to take appropriate measures.

The presented statistics with distracting factors will help the manager to pay attention and neutralize activities on that employees spend a lot of working time. To do this, companies introduce continuous monitoring of employees’ working hours.

The words “always” and “constantly” are not accidentally used by us when monitoring working hours. After all, the access system, video surveillance and registers will not be able to fully evaluate and show the work done by the employee. This can only be done by a special program that is installed on the work computer. With the help of such a program, the manager will be able to monitor the workflow even while being out office.

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