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Modern office employee – is a person who spends most of their working time at the computer. There is no single opinion in society if monitoring staff is useful or not.

Let’s try to justify the monitoring of personnel.

Since the work at the PC is considered monotonous, after 2-3 hours the employee’s concentration reduces and it is necessary to take a break. It is recommended to relax the eyes, by doing special exercises that take no longer than 5 minutes. If this is not done, the employee begins to get distracted to relax and can get carried away and spend more time than planned on rest, without noticing it. Of course this affects the quality of their task and their efficiency.


There are times when the staff sees office computer, as something that is for their personal use, and categorically refuse to accept the PC as a tool only for the job. Of course when working on the computer an employee has the right to get acquainted with the information he/she needs on the Internet, that’s no crime, but it is difficult, to not get carried away. You need to have strong will power, to keeping a balance. Unfortunately, often the employee disturbs the balance, the temptations are too strong, and the person gets destructed by: news, various events, communicating on social networks. So much precious time is lost and deadlines have to be adjusted.

With each year carrying out personnel management becomes more difficult. Knowledge and experience in the organization of the team is no longer enough. Without the proper tools for the management, improving work efficiency is almost impossible.

Monitoring is designed to make personnel’s working process safer and to set them the right pace ultimately minimizing the time to complete tasks. We know that a good team management increases the efficiency of work in the company. At the same time, it is obvious that the control of staff must not be aggressive and should not look like a system that collects personal information such as; passwords, and is not used to spy on employees.

The proposed product meets the requirements of managers wishing to monitor personnel and their workflow, without creating a negative atmosphere in the team.

The presented program is the best solution not only for the leadership and management team, but also for employees whom can also monitor and review their work. Surveys conducted among the staff at large and small companies show that about 30-40% of employees find personal time management to be difficult and find it hard to concentrate on specific tasks.

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