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Organization of staff work: dreams and realities of managers

By April 28, 2020September 23rd, 2022Work productivity, Сompany executives

Organization of staff work is of great importance for the manager and is well described by the phrase of a British businessman.

«Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business»

These words belong to Richard Branson, the founder of the «Virgin Group» corporation. It consists of 50,000 employees in 29 countries and with a turnover of 24 billion dollars, according to 2012 data.

There is a scientific term «Entropy» – a measure of irreversible energy dissipation in a closed system. With respect to business, it can be said that the measure of the company’s disorder is increasing without the application of external forces.

Just as the refrigerator does not produce cold without electricity, so office employees do not self-organize. The waste working time without the efforts of the manager to coordinate their work.

Organization of work: results of a survey of IT companies employees

Organization of staff work in successful companies

Leading companies pay special attention to the correct organization of each employee’s work. Managers understand that taking care of their employees will cause the employees’ feedback about the company. The mental, physical and social conditions of the employee directly affect both the work and business results as a whole.

Successful companies and their managers understand that the prosperity of business depends on the prosperity of employees. The return of each specialist depends on the proper organization of staff work.

Large retail chain «Walmart» has extensive experience in the field of data processing and analysis. This is the responsibility of a special department of analysts involved in the management of a staff of 2.2 million employees. The main purpose of the analysis is to find the relationship between financial performance and the performance of each individual.

The company accurately estimates the costs of replacing dismessed employees, analyzes the reasons for dismissals, identifies scenarios that lead to dismissal. These factors allow «Walmart» to manage fluidity and keep the indicators at levels lower than the industry average: 45% of employees work in the company for more than five years. And most importantly – the company minimizes economic damage due to the care of employees. On the scale of «Walmart» that’s hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

The concept of organizational management of staff

The work management is a system of scientifically grounded measures aimed at providing conditions for the optimal functioning of the labour force in the production process. They contribute to the achievement of the highest productivity of labour activity and the development of production in an intensive way. In the broad sense the work management also includes the rationing of labour, creation of favorable working conditions, upbringing of the worker’s labour discipline, activity and creative initiative.

In other words, the office staff should feel comfortable in the room where it works. At the office workplace employees spend about a third of their lives – 8-9 hours a day. Individual «lucky ones» make it to 10-12 hours. Therefore, the workplaces of employees should be equipped according to modern standards of the office interior: comfortable furniture, equipment, Internet, office accessories. If the manager will run around the office in search of a marker and pens to write important information from the client – there is no need to expect productive work. Breaks for tea and coffee should not be long. It means that the office should be equipped with a kitchen with all the necessary utensils.

The concept of the proper organization of the staff work includes the setting of goals and tasks by the manager for each specialist. The right goal is 90% success. The manager who organizes the work process must be the leader and possess the tools of team building (creating and increasing the effectiveness of the team work).

координация работы персонала

Perfect organization of staff work

McDonald’s is an interesting example of successful organization of staff work. It’s restaurants work on one business model, proving effectiveness around the world. A simple and effective organization of work allows young and inexperienced employees to quickly find their place in the team.

Professional skills and experience of each member of the team will bring results only if everyone wants to work, develop together with the company, be prepared for financial risks and instability. The leader of the business appreciates exactly these qualities of employees.

Ilon Mask has already become a cult figure and the Tesla company is becoming more and more pronounced every year. How work is organized in such a huge and ambitious company? The main feature of working in Tesla is that the employee solves problems that no one before has solved. This is very difficult, but the reward is proportional to the effort. The management staff and engineers have a 9-hour working day. When the deadlines are tight, they have to work more, but when the schedule is less stressful, they can go home earlier. Tesla employees are pleased to be able to come in contact with new technologies and sometimes see Ilon passing through the plant.

The right organization is beneficial to the employee and manager

The organization of the staff work assumes a clear algorithm of actions of each office employee. The first priority of the head of the company is to organize well-coordinated work and control. There are many programs for calculating labour inefficiencies and time used, since it is difficult to manually identify problems in a large team, it takes time for the manager.

Due to the use of modern automated control approaches, the employees work control process by the manager becomes simple. They automatically generate reports and alerts on the work of each employee.

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