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Talking with customers, owners and managers of companies, we ask them: “Do you monitor the work of your employees?”. They answer: “I do not need this, I completely trust my people.” Trust is good, but there are times when it interferes with work and harms its financial success.

For example, the manager of the travel company began to notice that the efficiency of one of the sales managers fell by 40%. Instead of 22 package tours, he started selling 12. And the supervisor decided to find out why the company was losing profits, the approximate losses per day were about 2000 euros. It turned out that the sales manager was away from his workplace at the peak of the working day. After talking with him, the manager learned that the employee went to see a doctor. They managed to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, minimizing the loss.

80% of employees work 5-6 days a week for 8-9 hours. And it is not surprising that they physically do not have time to go to the polyclinic, housing office, to the child to school. Because of this, the employer has many questions: what should I do, is it an absenteeism?

An unexcused absence is an absence that was not prescheduled or authorized by an employee’s supervisor.

If these are isolated cases, then that’s fine. After all, if necessary, the employee also works after hours to do urgent work. But there are employees who constantly need to go somewhere. They constantly leave on business, are late or leave earlier.

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Staff monitoring is an indispensable condition for the effective operation of the company. The degree and variation of monitoring may differ depending on the field of activity or situation in the company: they may be softer or, by contrast, more stringent.

Managers have the right to know about the employee the following: how the employees use the Internet on a corporate computer, phone and other messengers, why they are away from work, whether they are messing around during working hours.

The reasons for monitoring the work of employees

There are three main reasons for the usefulness of monitoring the work of employees:

1. protection of the company from theft of important confidential information;

2. guarantee that employees comply with corporate requirements of the company;

3. monitoring will help to find out what the employee is working during working hours.

For example, a software developer for 2 months constantly delayed the deliveries of the project. The company was losing money on this. Having monitored his work, we found out that during his working hours he was engaged in a personal project and did not have time to do his work. He was fined and warned.

The reasons of ineffective work of employees

When monitoring, you can find useful information: about the employee’s problems, his hobbies, even the love dramas that interfere with his work. Let us highlight the main reasons for the fall in work efficiency:

– personal matters and problems

– search for a new job

– work on other projects

– idleness and laziness

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I’ll tell a story about my friend – the director of an advertising agency. His company hired a new advertiser Svyatoslav – a qualified specialist. The problem was that he spent hours walking around the office to talk and discuss news, read social media posts, news, drank coffee and ran to “smoke breaks”.

At that time the head went on a business trip for a long time, that is why he did not see the scale of the problem: the company’s employees saw how Svyatoslav works. Annoyance in the team grew, the employees lost motivation: no one wanted to pull not only their work, but the duties of their colleague. The problem was revealed when the whole department’s indicators went down sharply, and the manager began to figure out what the problem was. He monitored the work and saw what led to the “idleness” of one employee. It is clear that the employee was fired.

What causes idleness and laziness of the staff. Two main reasons:

1. Lack of interest in the field of activity or work. If a person is interested in something, he will be focused on this, forgetting about the other.

2. Laziness is natural for every person. If there is a possibility to avoid work, then the employee does so. Accept this! People will not stop messing around. Find effective motivation for employees. For some it’s penalty, for others it’s a promotion (tangible or intangible), an opportunity for career or personal growth…

The poll shows that the staff knows everything that happens in the office, but no one will tell anything to the manager. Therefore, monitoring the work is just necessary.

Build the work of the company so as to constantly monitor the work of each employee.

Areas of work of companies in which it is necessary to monitor the work of the employees

– tourism

– ticket sales

– online service centre

– translation agency

– design office

– software development

– advertising

Now let’s determine effective methods of control over the work of all your employees.

How to understand that the employee is getting out of work?

Keep control over the work of employees, not standing behind them. Install a work monitoring program and analyze its effectiveness, wherever you are: in the office, or on the sea. For this you need only a smartphone with the internet. The service will show who and how is really working. The program will analyze and determine for which department or employee a detailed analysis is required by the situation. Constant monitoring of the work supports discipline in all departments of the company, as well as by the remote workers.

You will learn: what is visible on the monitor of the working computer of the employee, what processes and programs work, what resources are open, what the user writes on Skype, mail, in social networks, what he searches in search engines. It becomes clear when the employee is away from the workplace, and what is the possible reason for his idleness.

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