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The effectiveness of the team depends on the proper allocation of time and resources to work. To improve productivity and objectively evaluate the performance of each employee, the manager uses a variety of methods, for example – a photo of working hours.

What is a picture of working hours?

A picture of working hours is a kind of monitoring, where all the employee’s time spent for a certain period of work is measured without exception.

Main purposes of taking a picrure:

  • to detect the loss of working hours
  • to detect the causes of loss of working hours
  • to eleminate losses with to inefficient use of time
  • to come up with ways to improve the organization of work

Stages of holding a picture of working hours:

  • preparative,
  • monitoring,
  • processing of the monitoring results,
  • evaluation of monitoring results.

At the preparatory stage, the manager determines the main objectives of the picrure and the object of tracking. During the monitoring, everything that happens in the workplace from the beginning to the end of the working day is recorded in detail.

When processing the tracking results, the manager sees the main violations in the workplace and mistakes in the execution of tasks. And during the evaluation, he looks for the necessary ways to solve problems with inefficient waste of time of employees to work.

фотография рабочего времени

An example of inefficient organization of the workflow

John, the head of the company, spent all the stages of the picture of the working day, and that’s what he found. Head of sales department 80% of the time communicates with regular customers, performing the functions of a manager. While department managers are late for work, perform tasks as they want, solve personal problems and do not fulfill the daily rate of calls.

In addition, it was found that part of the working time of managers was wasted: they came to the office to 8.30, drank coffee, discussed news with colleagues, checked their accounts in social networks and only to 10 began to perform their tasks. When the working day starts at 08.00 and the managers need to immediately check email and Skype for letters from partners.

Also it was found that one manager independently planned his working day. At the beginning of the working day, he checked mail and Skype for letters from partners, communicated with regular customers, filled out necessary papers, and after lunch made new contacts. This rational planning of working time increased his personal work statistics.

In addition, it was revealed that the process of processing documents is very complicated and managers spend on it from 20 to 50% of the working time.

The example of John shows why it is necessary to use a picture of working time. The manager will determine the reasons for the waste of time of employees, eliminate losses, use the experience of the best employees, organize a productive working day for all employees with the benefit for the company.

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