Tracking programs: how big brother is watching you

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What can’t be done today will be done tomorrow. Proverb.

As in the proverb, in real life the work remains unfulfilled, and the employees of the company escape when they learn about the installation of tracking programs on their computers. It is difficult to imagine a company manager who does not try to monitor and control the work of each employee. The need to monitor the work of employees is a direct duty of the manager and this duty cannot be canceled by any trust-based relations with subordinates. Tracking programs are modern means of solving such problems.

Why should a supervisor monitor employees using tracking software?

The manager takes a decision on setting up special tracking programs in order to optimize the financial labour costs. There is even a special term “picture of working time” – the study of working time by observing and measuring all costs without exception during the working day or a part of it. For this purpose, pass systems are used, watching cameras and registration facilities are installed. But the state of the work process can be completely indicate only by using the programs of tracking of employees’ computers.

Legal or spyware tracking programs?

Having made a decision to use the tracking program, the manager is faced with the issue of choosing such a program.

Legal programs are clearly set by managers, who are concerned about the work process and the quality of the work done by each office worker. Such programs are specifically designed to capture the time each employee spends to fulfill their tasks, which programs are run on the PC during the working day, whether office programs are used to work on competitors and whether the employee steals confidential information about the company or unique designs.

Spyware is secretly installed on employees’ computers to track the personal data of each employee: passwords, codes, personal correspondence in social networks, e-mail correspondence and messaging programs. Installation of such programs can play a cruel joke not only with the employee of the company, but also with the manager himself. Since their functionality can be much wider than the claimed and your data will be available to the creator or distributor of the program in secret from you.

George, PR-manager: At work we created a chat in a social network, where all the colleagues, except the manager, were added. We wrote there that we wanted to. We used to discuss our boss. Sometimes such correspondence went beyond the bounds of what was permissible – colleagues joked about the director, complained about low salaries and poor conditions. But we did not know that our manager was also reading this. After there was a big scandal – many were fired or punished with reprimands.

Veronica, accountant: I found out about the spyware program that was installed on my work computer, in a very unfortunate case. On the personal site of the women’s consultation, I made an appointment with the doctor. After some time, I was called by the director and he said that he would not pay me maternity leave and began to hint at the dismissal. Everything indicated that he learned about these personal details through a spyware program that fixed and intercepted everything on the computer. I filed a lawsuit against the company and won the case, receiving generous moral compensation.

программы слежения

What does the law on computer tracking programs say?

In our country, the Constitution protects the interests of the employee. It spells out the right to privacy, which includes in particular: the secret of correspondence, the secret of personal and family life, medical secret. Information about it can not be collected, stored and distributed without the consent of a person.

The Labour Code also specifies that the employee has the right to know full information about the working conditions, which includes the installation of programs for tracking the working computer.

Should employees be informed about tracking programs?

The unequivocal answer is yes. To do this, it is sufficient to sign a standard confidentiality agreement. It is important to mention here that the company has the right to monitor the employee and operate on confidential information, the list of which is determined by this agreement itself. And in order to exclude the situation in which companies and employees from the examples above have fallen, it is necessary to install only legal and verified tracking programs. After all, the manager’s goal is to fix the work, and not to spy on the subordinates.

Which “trace” to choose?

The choice depends on the objectives of the manager and the methods used to achieve them. Usually, when setting up employee tracking programs, managers want to solve the following tasks:

  • information security in the company
  • have a functional staffing security facility
  • the introduction of time management for HR managers
  • the ability to control discipline in a team
  • security facility for the company
  • centralized control of the work of regional offices
  • optimization of the workload of staff
  • supervising of the work of an employee on probation

These goals are easily realized in the working time tracking system –, which is created to control the work of personnel at the computer. A simple installation that does not require implementation will allow you to evaluate all the features of the InspectSystem for free on three computers within 14 days.

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