Change history of web service InspectSystem.


10 February 2017

New feature:
The ability to control personnel working with two monitors. Added a visual preview of the tape online, with the ability to switch between the screen.

28 January 2017

Added notification system faults and incorrect settings on the computer the employee:
wrong date / time on your computer or the time zone is not specified.


25 Nov 2016

Added a system “Trash” for temporary storage of deleted data to prevent accidental deletion of data. Improve the management mechanism: permanently delete and restore.

16 Nov 2016

Improved labels in the screenshots. Added the ability to reassign licenses between computers.

01 Oct 2016

Implemented Online payment. Renew and order new license from the personal account.

24 July 2016

Added the ability to:
Creating filters for detail work on the criteria of phrases.

19 February 2016

Added changes and new improvements in Enterprise solution.

20 January 2016

Automatic notification email about the compliance with the working time of the employee to the head: delay, defects and absence at work.

15 January 2016

Bugfix in timezone: expansion of the list of geographical areas.

12 January 2016

Reports on work in programs that display the time in the Day, Week, Month.


16 December 2015

Added new feature: The possibility for the employee to manage the program. Configured by the supervisor. In this mode it is allowed to stop or pause in the monitoring work.

11 December 2015

Reassigning the license from the old computer to the new computer employee. Fixed license management.

10 December 2015

Fix Windows application:
identify the computer in the system.
Web service: changes in configuring, improving the display of paid licenses computers. Improved display and manage the list of employees.

7 December 2015

Fix Windows application:
Improving communication between the service/server and application

17 September 2015

Created Enterprise (Local) version for use in a local network customers

7 September 2015

Personal statistics of employee: display of indicators of hours worked for the employee. Function is enabled by the supervisor for self-discipline, understanding the flow of employee working hours and time management.

29 July 2015

The accounting of work of employees on different PC: combining data. Unity is possible when computers in Active Directory.

10 July 2015

Delegating monitoring to the heads of departments (managers), HR employees, and it-engineers with limited rights to view data about employees.


16 December 2014

Edit app and Web service.
Fix time accounting.

29 September 2014

Automatic calculation of employees ‘ wages for time worked.

21 May 2014

Fixed work with the web service in geographical areas, added the possibility of assigning the timezone to the employees working in different time zones.

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