Cloud vs. Server: what to choose?

In order to understand which option is more suitable for your team, we will take under consideration the main distinctions of cloud and local solutions. Note that the main features of the system do not vary with the choice of one solution. The only difference is where the data will be stored about the work of your employees. You select which option is most acceptable.

Benefits of using “Cloud”

Quick start

Only 3 steps: registration on a website, download the program and set up on computers of the employees. Approximately in 20-30 minutes you can start supervising activity about 10-15 workers. You will need the technical expert only for the program installation. If you cannot proceed the installation on your own, we offer our help, whether remotely or by sending an export to assist you.

Software update

All improvements, new features and updates are applied automatically and free of charge for all users of the service.

Technical assistance

We are responsible for the efficient work of the service, we look after its serviceability and availability on the global Internet 24/7. It is beneficial to small and medium-sized companies that outsource the system administrators or IT Departments.

Data transmission

To protect the data transmission from the program to the server, the SSL protocol is used. It not only protects the Internet, but also identifies the server and clients. Using SSL covers two important points: strong encryption of the transmitted information and forwarding it on the authorized data server.

Information storage

The data processes the collection, storage and aggregation of the information, it executes the main role of the system and is located on our host provider. Data exchange system is a fault-tolerant system with uninterrupted power supply and reliable technical support.

Control of the remote offices

With the Cloud solution it is easy to unite other independent companies under one control that are located in different cities and even countries. You can control them by installing the program in these offices, without any complicated communication scheme between offices.

The Local Server (Enterpriser): benefits and features

Storage and data management

Information on the employee’s work is directed to a stand-alone server on your local network, without forwarding or using the Internet. You are the one who can store and controlled the data.

Getting started

Unlike cloud solutions, you will need to go through several stages in order to start working with the system: technical coordination, commissioning, installation or configuration of the equipment in your office. This is quite a laborious process that requires time and financial resources.

Software updates

Since the system is located at the separated local network, the software update is carried out manually at agreement of the technical experts from both sides.


In the local decision, the efficiency of the equipment and ensuring its continuous functioning is carried out by own IT service. We recommend using the reliable equipment: uninterrupted power supply and failure-safe server hardware.

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