Full Version Features

Take a closer look at employee activities with the Full version of InspectSystem.

Screenshot capture

Set up to take regular JPEG screenshots (every minute by default), and keep them in your server storage. Screenshots are arranged by time, date and active application. Screenshot intervals and quality/size are customizable.

Screenshot time-lapse videos

You may use a built-in JPEG to AVI converter to make daily time-lapse videos out of user screenshots. Schedule conversion process to start automatically in the end of the working day, and get email notifications once your videos are ready.

Software usage statistics

InspectSystem records and arranges software activity of the monitored user. You will see what programs have been used on a given day or hour, and what kind of work has been executed. You can arrange and view software usage statistics per user, department, or company as a whole.

Adding tags

You may add a text tag to an important screenshot to find it quickly afterwards. Just like a bookmark in the book.

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