Control of Employees

“Full version” program has additional functions that helps to control employees and easily check their executed work.

Control the employee computer without additional programs.

Keep an eye nit just on working hours but also control executed work of employee at the computer. The system fixes screenshots with the necessary frequency and spreads data over working hours, days, weeks. You will easily control work for any working day.

Visual statistics of work in programs.

Save your time on analyzing data on employee work by sorting data on used programs. You will easily see what programs have been used and what kind of work has been executed.

Saving video reports.

Fix and store video reports on employee work. It can be evidential base for conflict resolution of situations and to avoid misunderstanding at work with the personnel. You can easily provide material of infringement to heads of departments and authorized persons in the company.

Help for employee service control.

The auxiliary tool for managers and services on employee control in the company. Tag the disputed or difficult issues at work of the employee, record images by marking them. This is some kind of bookmarks in the book that allows to find quickly any issues.

HR security in the companies.

Controlling employee, check whether work with clients is conducted correctly, define responsibility and reliability of the personnel. You will understand labor qualities of employees and the relation to working duties, you will reduce risks and threats for your business.


Thanks to “Full version” you control employees PC and you record all performed work. You protect yourself from unfair workers, and the company from disputable and conflict situations. If such cases you will easily make wise decision.

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