Control of Working Hours

Describe features of “Basic” version program, how to implement it in your company, what are interesting aspects.

Control system on employee working hours.

Control working hours spent at the computer. All indicators of working hours is here to help you, no matter of your location. Work with system in real time and control disciplinary for any period.

Individual operating mode of employees.

Adjust operating modes. Employees can work with different working schedules, you can indicate and edit them. Assign the free schedule to the one who has no highly security work, not need to control their delays and leavings. If delays are allowed in the company, specify acceptable time and the system to report them.

Automatic salary estimation.

Convert active working hours of the employee into money equivalent. It will help visually estimate an efficiency of the employee from the economic point of view. To do so, set up working rate per hour, the system will automatically calculate the salary.

Reports on controlled indicators.

Form reports, work with collected workday indicators. It is easy to analyze and control employee working hours using reports.

Remote work with the program.

Set up remotely program settings of parameters through the web page of service management. This helps not to distract the employee from work, and all changes are applied instantly. The main settings are automated (working day mode, acceptable time of delay and leaving) and are applied to all employees.

Access to the statistics on working hours.

Delegate access of work indicators to managers of the working groups or heads of departments. So that they could independently control working hours of the subordinates. Authorizing control, you save your own time. Add the observer into system in “Settings” section.


Using “Basic” functionality you can understand your employees spend their time, determine their working attitude, to record their abacuses at work. Employing employees remotely, you will control worked hours and automatically estimate salary.

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