Basic features: timesheet monitoring

Check out the features of InspectSystem Basic version.

Working hours monitoring

InspectSystem allows you to clock in and out, and to monitor active and idle time of monitored PC users. User statistic graphs visualize computer presence of your employees in any given period.

Payroll and billing by hours

You can set up individual and/or default hourly rates. That makes a perfect tool for hourly billing. Besides, you get a cost estimate of working and idle hours in your company.

Daily reports

Customize and get regular timesheet reports on your email.

Remote management

Local client settings are customizable remotely as you log in to the system. You can toggle visible/hidden monitoring, customize default and individual settings for all employees – all online.

Levels of managerial access

You can grant different levels of access to different managers and supervisors. Just assign a new supervisor to one of the preset roles (Owner, Director, Department Manager, HR, or System Administrator).

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