InspectSystem Enterprise

Monitoring the work of employees at a computer in the local network of the enterprise

3 months




Price for one computer

6 months




Price for one computer

12 months




Price for one computer





Price for one computer

How to start

Register on the site. Activate the trial period of the local version for 14 days.

Download and install software on your hardware.

Configure the server on the local network. Install the program on computers.

Test the system on the internal network. 14 days on 25 computers. For free.


Free system use

After activating the local server, use the system for free for 14 days on 25 computers familiarize yourself with the features. Full functionality is provided.

How are licenses assigned?

The license is assigned to the local server, according to the number of controlled computers in the local network. License transfer to another server is not possible.

License transfer between computers

You can control the work of more than 25 computers by transferring active licenses between computers. Non-licensed computers don’t collect statistics.

System terms of use

During operation, the server must have Internet access to the license server to activate and validate the keys used. Learn more about the local server.

Subscription prolongation

To prolong your subscription, log in to your cloud account, create an invoice for bank transfer or pay for your order online. Then activate the server with a new key.

Unlimited use

Free technical support for the first year of use. It is possible to purchase annual support and updates for the period ahead. It is possible to purchase additional licenses.