The control system of employees in the local network

InspectSystem Enterprise is a turnkey solution for monitoring the work of employees in the company’s local network. The control system records the work of employees at the computer in automatic mode.

Statistics from working computers in this version are collected and stored on your hardware. The server is configured and managed by your company’s IT service.

In addition to monitoring the time of activity at the computer, a detailed work of the employee in the running programs is recorded. You will analyze any conflict situation and dispel doubts or suspicions in the work of the staff.


Local server installing

The server is deployed in the virtual infrastructure of the company. The server can work on a virtual player. It is required to specify network parameters to the local server.

Server licensing

The first time you log in, you need to activate the license. During activation, the server must be configured and connected to the Internet to communicate with the license server.

System terms of use

During operation, the server must have Internet access to the license server to activate and validate the keys used.

Purchasing options

Software purchase is possible for a specific period (renting), and for unlimited use: a one-time purchase permanently. Read more about cost and tariffs.

Subscription prolongation

To prolong your subscription, log in to your cloud account, create an invoice for bank transfer or pay for your order online. Then activate the server with a new key.

Transfer licenses between computers

Control the work of more employees by transferring existing licenses between computers. Non-licensed computers do not collect statistics.

How to start monitoring employees locally

Register on the site. Activate the trial period of the local version for 14 days.

Download and install the software. Activate the server.

Configure the server on the local network. Install the program on computers.

Test the system on the internal network. 14 days on 25 computers. For free.

Differences of local control from cloud

Description of features Cloud solution (Program renting) Local server
(Enterprise solution)
Quick start 2-3 minutes 2-3 hours, depends on IT qualifications
Installation/configuration of the program without a system administrator yes no
Data storage locally no yes
Collection of employee statistics without the Internet yes yes
The hidden mode of work control yes yes
Protecting a program from being deleted by an employee yes yes
System setup remotely yes in the local network
Install a program through the network or GPO yes yes
Active Directory support yes yes
Delegation of access to statistics yes yes
Viewing statistics through a browser yes yes
Remote staff control yes no
Technical maintenance support yes IT department of the company
Online chat with customer support yes yes
Automatic updates yes no
Data retention period 12 months without limitation
Online access to system statistics yes from the local network

OS support:

Monitoring the work on
Linux and Mac is temporarily unavailable.
We are working on it.

Statistics and management:

View statistics and manage the system through any browser you are used to. No additional browsers are required.