Enterprise solution for personnel work monitoring

Despite the convenience of using third-party storage and web services, it has a natural drawback of keeping sensitive data outside your corporate network. Sometimes, it is prohibited by corporate data security policy.

InspectSystem Local is a corporate solution aimed to meet high-level data security standards implemented in bigger companies with own data-centers.

The solution will allow you to set up your own InspectSystem server within your local corporate network. Thus, monitoring data will be kept locally, with no third party involved.

With InspectSystem Local, you will enjoy all the features of the software without going online. Tracking and monitoring remote staff will also be possible if accepted by data security policy.

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What you are purchasing with InspectSystem Local?

Server software.
Supplied as ready-to-use virtual environment (VmWare) or deployed remotely on the customer’s equipment.

Client app.
Software build is tailor-made for each customer with a view to network architecture and customer specific requirements.

Annual support and updates.
12-month support is included in standard InspectSystem license. Our support team will provide the updates to be deployed by the customer himself, and will render necessary assistance as per customer request.
You may extend the support by extending your license annually at no more than 50% cost of a new license.

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How to order a trial version of InspectSystem Local?

If, for some reason, you do not have the opportunity to try our web service, click “Order InspectSystem Local free trial” and fill in the order form. Our Manager will contact you shortly. Upon approval and guidance, you will receive a download link for server installation pack. The trial for Local version is limited to 14 days and 10 computers, and is fully functional.

How to update the server software?

– At customer request for new features, config updates or bug fixes;
– Scheduled updates and new versions. Customers get notified of the released software updates and deploy on their own discretion.
– Updates of the server software may be installed remotely by our team, via temporary secure connection to the local server, provided by customer, e. g. VPN or SSH.

Server hardware requirements (PDF)

Is it possible to integrate InspectSystem with other systems in a corporate environment?

Our team is ready to develop customer-specific integration of InspectSystem software products with the customer’s infrastructure. Please tell us what features and solutions you are interested in.