InspectSystem Enterprise – Local edition for your company.

Understanding the importance of confidentiality and restriction of use of cloud and online services associated with the security policy of the proposed Enterprise solution for medium and large companies. The solution will allow you to organize your own server in the local network of the enterprise for accounting and control of employees work at the computer.

Information about the work of the staff is stored on the company server, where the data is not leaving the local network. The full potential of online Service available in the Enterprise solution. Read more about benefits InspectSystem solutions.

What you are purchasing, buying InspectSystem Enterprise?

Issued ready-to-use virtual environment (VmWare) or us installed on the customer’s equipment;

Application, Windows-agent.
Software build is prepared individually for each client taking into account the architecture and requirements of the customer;

Annual support and updates.
Read more about cost and licensing InspectSystem Enterprise.

How to order trial version Enterprise solutions?

If you do not have the opportunity to try the program online, click “Order Test” and fill out the order form, our Manager will contact you for training software. After approval and training, you will receive a link to the download. The term test period is limited to 14 days, the number of 10 computers, without limiting functionality.

How is upgrading the server?

– At the request of the clients. When required the introduction of new features, changes or fixing bugs in the system;
– Affordable updates. When ready to accumulate edits and new opportunities. In the course of the year are supplied free of charge.
– The software update server is done remotely, via the establishment of a temporary secure connection to the local server, organized by customer, for example via VPN or SSH.

Technical requirements for server hardware (PDF)

Is it possible to InspectSystem integrate with other systems in a corporate environment?

Ready to discuss the needs of customers wishing to combine InspectSystem software products within the customer’s infrastructure. Own the development team resolves problems of varying complexity and has 12 years of experience building high-scalable services and systems. We will be happy to work together.