FAQ about InspectSystem

Getting started

What do I need to start monitoring?

1. Sign up for the service and create your InspectSystem account.
2. Download InspectSystem client app.
3. Install the client app on the computers to be monitored. The number of supported clients is defined by the terms of the license.
4. Log in to your InspectSystem account and view collected data in your browser just in a minute or two after the client app installation.

First steps after creating an account

Before installing the program on computers, make the initial settings of the system: specify the mode of the program (hidden or open) and working time of employees.

By default, the system is set to “Open” working mode, i.e. after the installation of the program an icon in the tray area is displayed on the computer. In this mode, the employee can stop the program, pause the work and see their own statistics. If that’s what you want, leave this mode.

To enable “Hidden”, go to Settings – Working Time tab. Next to the “Hidden Work Mode” feature, click “Enable.” Then save the settings. In this mode, the employee will not see the program icon and cannot influence its operation. You can change the program parameters yourself, through your personal account in the settings of a particular employee.

Trial period without payments

No costs, no credit card, use the software for free for 14 days on 25 pc. Use the cloud so you don’t have to spend energy on setting up and maintaining your own server. Save your company time and resources, start testing now.

How to start monitoring a remote employee?

Send your employee the details for installing the software on their computer.

Go to your personal account, “Installation” tab. Copy:

  • A link to download the software, “Download” button
  • Installation code

Rate plans

The software is available by subscription for a period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

The cost of the subscription depends on the choice of subscription. Use the cost calculator to plan your costs.

What are the limitations of InspectSystem Cloud?

There are no restrictions on the number of monitored employees in the system.

To work with the system, employees’ computers must be connected to the Internet.

There are no quotas for disk space. Data storage period depends on the selected subscription and does not exceed 6 months. If an account has been inactive for more than 6 months, its accumulated statistical data will be deleted. The user is notified by email.

Who can use InspectSystem and for what purpose?

InspectSystem is intended for use mainly by business executives and managers to control and analyze the work of employees at the corporate workstations. The Cloud version is perfect for small and medium companies and remote staff management, while the Local version fits the needs of bigger companies with secured local networks and own server facilities. By using the service, you may define productive and idle time of your staff, control software usage to improve staff performance, as well as to maintain automatic hourly payroll accrual.

Besides, InspectSystem may be used by freelancers and everyone else in need  to analyze his/her own productivity, automate timesheet reports and hourly billing.

Another target group is parents, willing to control their children’s activities at the PC.

Why should I monitor employees?

There are several reasons to introduce employee monitoring in your company – time and attendance control:

  • make sure your staff members are at their workstations on working hours;
  • productivity analysis: get to know actual time utilization and workload of your staff, find the ways to optimize productivity of your teams;
  • strengthening discipline: eliminate distractions and unauthorized use of your corporate equipment, self-control of time utilization;
  • personnel security: track suspicious activities, prevent insider data leaks and collect evidence of breach.

What is the "client app" and what is the "service"?

Client app – the application (setup.exe), installed on a computer to be monitored.

Service – Cloud or web-server, which receives and processes data from client apps installed by the customer. Service functions as storage, processing, data management and remote application settings manager. Service is controlled via any internet browser.

Technical questions

How to download the client app? I can't see the download link.

You have to be a registered user to download the client app and use the Service. As you log in to your account, go to Install tab and click Download.

How to install software on Windows?

Download and save setup.exe on the removable USB drive. Connect it to the computer you wish to monitor. Proceed with installation:

1. Run setup.exe with administrator rights.
Right-click on the file (setup.exe) and select “Run as administrator”

You will see the notification, clicking “Yes” to continue installation.

2. The installation window appears. Press “Next” to start installation.

3. Read and accept conditions of license agreement and press “Next”.

4. Select destination folder for InspectSystem client app installation. The default folder is C:\Program Files\Windows Cap\. Press “Browse” button to select custom destination folder for installation. As you pick the folder, press “Next”.

5. Additional program settings.
If your company uses proxy, click “Proxy” button to enter proxy settings. To exclude a certain user from monitoring, press “Users” button and pick user account(s) to be exempt from monitoring.
Press “Next” to continue.

6. Everything is ready to start installation process. Press “Install”.

7. The result of installation is displayed. To complete installation and exit installation window, press “Finish” button.

The program was successfully installed on the computer. Now you can disconnect the flash drive and check if monitoring data appear on the server. To do so, log in into https://my.inspectsystem.com using your login and password.

How to uninstall InspectSystem form PC?

In order to protect the client app from deletion and interruptions, it is not listed in the Add/Remove programs list and hence can not be deleted by Remove program option.
To remove the app from the PC, use the setup file (setup.exe):


    1. Run setup.exe as an Administrator.
    2. Select Uninstall option and press Next.
    3. Confirm removing by pressing Uninstall.
    4. Press Finish to exit the setup program.

What OS / platforms are supported?

InspectSystem client app is compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Logging in and supervising is maintained in any browser, so there are no restrictions as to the supervisor’s platform.

Does InspectSystem support Active Directory?

Yes. Upon client app installation, employees’ and department names are taken from Active Directory database by default.

How to make InspectSystem work via proxy?

To customize the client app to work via proxy server, please input proxy settings in the course of installation (at Configuration stage):

Press the Proxy button.

Indicate server IP and port in the “URL Settings” window. If authorization is used, enter proxy login and password. Press “Check connection” to make sure everything is ok. If the settings are entered correctly, “Connection established” notification is displayed.

After successful test, click OK in “URL Settings” window and continue installation.

To customize proxy settings, repeat installation once again with the above adjustment procedure.

How to exclude users from monitoring ?

If there are multiple user accounts on the workstation, e.g. Administrator and User, and it is not required to monitor the Administrator account, you may opt to exclude the account from monitoring.

In the process of installation, at Configuration stage, press Users button.

Add the accounts that should NOT be monitored, to the list of exceptions.

Press “Add” and insert login using semicolon (option A) or indicate user from the list (option B), press “Add”.

OPTION “A” – Input users manually.

OPTION “B” – Select user from the list. Press “Find” in “Choose Users” window to view the list of all local user accounts on the computer, pick the “Administrator” account (or those that do not have to be observed) and press “ОК”.

To choose several users simultaneously, select them in the list while holding Shift button.

After adding all exceptions, continue app installation. Press OK and Next and proceed to the end of installation, as prompted. Press Finish after installation is complete.

We use terminal server, can the service be used in this mode?

Yes, InspectSystem is fully functional on Windows terminal server. In this case you will need to install a single instance of the client app to track and monitor all users connected. However, in terminal mode one license corresponds to one server account.


What are the license terms?

1 license corresponds to 1 personal computer (PC) or 1 terminal server account.

Example 1: A PC is used in turns by several users. You will need 1 license to control all those users.

Example 2: You have hired a new employee to work at the PC with InspectSystem client app installed. You set up a new user account on the PC, and once the new employee starts using it, his/her time tracking and monitoring data is automatically transmitted to InspectSystem server.

Example 3: You have to reassign the license to another PC, e. g. in the case of hardware modernization or changes in personnel. No problem! Just log in and use Reassign license function in your account settings. No additional license is required in the case.

After web service subscription is terminated, will the server keep my data?

Yes. After subscription term is over, your account is not removed from the server but remains in standby mode. Your client apps stop transmitting new data, but the statistics data you’ve collected earlier stay on the server for at least 6 months.

If you decide to resume monitoring, you do not need to register again, just log in to your account and proceed to license renewal. You don’t need to reinstall the client apps to use the new license – they will just start transmitting data again.

Security issues

What user data is monitored and saved by InspectSystem?

InspectSystem may record, save and reproduce the following user data:

  • Screenshots taken at regular intervals
  • PC activity timesheet: clocking in and out, tracking active and idle time at the PC
  • Software activity logs: name of the software, usage timesheet, window titles.

InspectSystem is NOT designated to record and save:

  • passwords, as well as anything else typed on the keyboard;
  • e-mail messages;
  • Skype, ICQ and other messenger logs.

However, sometimes the above data may become visible on screenshots and thus be available to supervisors.

Practical questions

Can you help with InspectSystem installation?

Sure! If you’re experiencing trouble with installation, please don’t hesitate to contact our support.

I have a deputy and HR manager, can they get an access?

Yes. Assign authorized officers as supervisors using pre-set supervision roles: Director, HR Manager, Department Manager or System Administrator. Each role has got different set of permissions in the system.

Can I use the system just to track working time?

Yes. Register with the service and pick InspectSystem Basic.

Can I connect several offices into one monitoring system?

Yes. As a Web service user, you can monitor remote offices worldwide. You can install the client app remotely or locally.

Does office relocation influence functionality of the system?

Not at all. InspectSystem functionality is not affected by changes in IP address of monitored computers. The server recognizes clients by MAC address, so network configuration does not matter.

Internet connection failures, how will they affect Web service functionality?

The program will work in offline mode. If the connection is down, the client app will store data locally and synchronize with the server as the connection is restored. Thus all data for the offline period will still be available in the system.

There is a time shift in employee's timesheet for one or more hours. What is wrong?

Adjust the employee’s time zone in InspectSystem account or on the employee’s computer.