How the InspectSystem works and for what tasks?

Why do you need it?

Improvement of personal KPI and discipline control
Improvement of personnel security
Permanent tool for personnel evaluation

InspectSystem records and shows you what your staff does at their computers. So you can supervise their activity instantly and get working time stats.
The software has two major components: client app and control panel.

Attendance control
Working day activity/inactivity record
Late arrivals, early leaves etc.
Scheduled screenshots
Generation of statistic and video reports
Customizable reports
Individual settings
Instant access
Rendering screenshots, generating time-lapse videos

Client application

Download and install the InspectSystem client app (setup.exe) on employee computer and enter your unique server key featured. The app records working activity, captures screenshots (optional) and synchronizes with the server where the data is processed and aggregated.


1. Interface

Application has no visual interface. After installation, the app does not show on Start panel, nor it is visible in Add or Remove Programs. It only works as a background service.

2. Installation

Download the app after signing up. The program can be installed locally as well as remotely via local network using command prompt.

3. Settings

Settings of the client app are changed in online user account. You can customize the app remotely without interrupting the employee’s work.

4. Operating mode

The app may works in visible or invisible mode. In the visible mode (default) the app displays the tray icon. The employee is able to toggle Work or Break mode to start or stop monitoring, and view his/her personal stats.

5. Security

The app features security protection, so the employee cannot stop or kill the app process without authorization.

Web interface

By logging in into InspectSystem web service, you gain access to statistics collected from monitored workstations, and may customize system settings. You may use any browser on any device to operate.


1. Statistics

You can review data on working hours of the employee after authorization on the website. If employee’s computer is off, data on his working hours is available in the system.

2. Offline mode

In case of connection failure, the app still records activities and accumulates data. As the connection is restored, the data is synchronized and available on the server.

3. Add new PC

To add a new employee into the system, just install the client app on his/her workstation. Data will be available on the server in 1-3 minutes.