Monitoring system of employees

Why do you need system of monitoring employees?

Increase of work indicators of employees and control of discipline.
Improvement of personnel safety in the company.
Constantly working tool for evaluation of the work of the personnel.

The system provides with information on staff work at the computer. Reviewing their work and systematically control their spent working hours.

The system consists of the following: client and management.

 Delays for work.
 Inactive staff throughout the working day.
 Early leaving from work.
 Report on working hours.
 Image storage of employee’s screen.
 Generation of reports, including video-reports.

 Individual settings.
 Online access.
 Work with images.
 Generating video of the day.

Client – installation program.

Install in employee computer. Application forms working activity indicators of employee at the computer, screenshots (optionally) and synchronizes with service where it is processed and aggregated.


1. Interface

Application has no interface, cover. After installation, the program cannot be found in ?Start? panel, neither in ?Installation and Deleting Programs? sections, it works as background mode. It is done for the program security against ?smart? employees, their intervention into the program operation.

2. Installation

Download program after registering in the service. The program can be installed locally as well as remotely using local network throughout “a command line”.

3. Settings

Changes of the individual parameters of the program executed remotely, though the operating part, by the use of any browser. You can operate the program remotely at any convenient time, without interrupting working subordinate.

4. Operating mode

The app works openly or invisible to the employee. After installation the program is set to explicit mode, displays the tray icon of the program. The employee will be able to switch the monitoring mode to “Stop” and “Work”, view stats time.

5. Security

Security protection is provided in the system against blocking and removing program processes by the employee.

Management – is a cloud service.

This is the basic element of the staff controlling system, having web-interface. With the help of the service, you are controlling the settings of the program, reviewing the statistics and accumulating data on staff work. Operation with the system is conducted with any browser, using system management page, at any time of the day.


1. Work statistics

You can review data on working hours of the employee after authorization on the website. If employee’s computer is off, data on his working hours is available in the system.

2. Program operation
without internet

In case of Internet failure or malfunction of the network equipment, program still records activities and accumulates data in files. After eliminating failures, data is synchronized and available for reviewing.

3. Add new employee

To add new employee into the system, install the program on his computer. Data automatically will be available in 2-3 minutes.

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