Effective worker: statistics, numbers and financial losses.

“Inefficient work” we understand the team work as a single organism, able to move mountains and be effective under the right conditions. Conditions for business success is a productive workers. Raise and improve business processes, measure performance and continually work on them and improve, it will help to increase the effectiveness of the team.

How much the company pays for inefficiently executed work?

Let’s have a look at the figure lost by employer

Calculate the cost of 1 full working day of employee, programmer, with a salary of 1300 conventional units per month and will discover loses. To calculate, 22 working days and 8 hours a day – 176 working hours per month. Executing calculation, we get an hour rate: 1 hour = 7.4$

As robots work without taking rest , however, they require time for prevention – type of rest. A rest for human being is essential – we have included this factor in our calculations.

25% goes for personal destruction – corresponds to 44 working hours per month – it is five and a half working days. Lets calculate financial losses that have to be paid by the head of the company monthly, taking into account statistics. Now lets multiply calculated rate by 44 hours.

Financial losses per month: 325$

If your company consists of 10, 30 or even 50 subordinates? Such attitude toward executing work will dramatically affect business development and its security, thats why it is useful to calculate and measure any financial losses for the business prosperity and future growth. Calculating financial losses will keep working process under control, estimate working performance and take under consideration the personnel you take on board.

We strongly recommend for directors and heads of the companies to check personally the flow of the business processes: how the personnel execute work, identify working indicators and worker occupation by using the program tool InspectSystem. 14 days for free and unlimited functionality for you to keep your subordinates under control. Please do not forget that you are in charge of the payment for the time, however the subordinate spends it, you have the right to know how and where the time is being spent.

Working with the program you will find out that:

1. As employees use work time;
2. Confirm or refute possible suspicions;
3. What line of work busy employee at a computer;
4. Will avoid conflicts and loss of time.

Note that each one has to understand the controlling factors, if the processes to let go, not to avoid losses and difficulties. In construction, trade, medicine, development and in every sphere control is necessary. The control of the computer is no exception, it is a working tool that is often used for another purpose, passion and deception.