Note to Supervisors

A brief note for company executives and owners about approaches and methods of personnel control using «InspectSystem».

Personnel control modes

It is possible to control personnel at a computer in two operating modes according to the management style and company needs. The manager himself decides in what way he wants to conduct monitoring using our personnel monitoring tool.

1. Stealth mode

The program runs quietly in silent mode without interacting with an employee. The employee cannot disconnect or pause control of the computer.

2. Explicit mode

The program runs in explicit mode, allowing the employee to see his statistics on hours worked, pause or stop monitoring the computer. It is usually used to control employees working on their laptops.

Supervision of the system has the manager

It means:

Full access to data has the manager. He permits or prohibits responsible persons to access the statistics of personnel. Even the system administrator cannot analyze the work of personnel without the permission of the manager. To open access, specify the mailing address of the trustee.

You do not need to install additional programs to view data. Log in to the site and analyze statistics data, wherever you are.

Using the cloud version eliminates the need to maintain your server to install the program and involve technical personnel in the process of monitoring employees. Control over the work of the staff is completely in your hands. When choosing a local version with installation on a server in your closed network, it will require the involvement of your system administrator, who will gain access to the server and the data on it.

Simple and inexpensive personnel control

You save because:

  1. The basic version allows you to choose only the really necessary control functions, without paying for the additional functionality of the full version.
  2. The license is issued to the computer, not to the employee, allowing you to control more personnel by buying one license.
  3. The software product is recoupable due to the instant determination of loss of working time, downtime and shortcomings in the work of employees. Work control becomes simple and clear.

Saving manager time

Delegation of rights

Allow access to your trustees: department managers, workgroup managers, HR staff and administrators so that they can perform supervising functions at their levels. Learn more about these features in system roles.


Use mail notifications about absenteeism, latenesses beyond regulation or incomplete working hours. This will save time by responding only to problems.

What do you control?

Hours worked – discipline control. The program counts the time of the employee’s activity at the computer if the computer is turned on, but if the work is not carried out, you will see downtime. Often, employees start work by turning on the computer and go for tea and coffee – the program will record the beginning of the first activity.

Analysis of time spent – determine how the time is spent, what programs are running and for what purposes. Having an overall picture of the time spent, you can optimize the business processes in your company.

Engagement of employees – visually fixing the work of personnel, you see how the work on your tasks is being done, or the work for someone else is being performed, and you pay for it. This applies to employees for whom the computer is the main tool.

Inappropriate use of the computer – the system will detect when employees use the computer for other purposes. You can set the criteria that you want to control, for example, games, job search, or watching movies during working hours.

Conflicts – identifying and resolving conflicts will become easier. Problems in working with a client or colleagues are easy to understand after seeing the correspondence and communication style. This will ensure personnel safety in the company and identify unscrupulous employees before they cause harm.

Work of remote offices and employees – monitor the work of employees in remote offices and control performance and productivity where you are not present permanently. Installing the program on remote computers and recording the performed remote work and the time taken to complete the tasks is as simple as on a local network.

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