Note to system administrators: what is useful to know

The note was written for system administrators, to familiarize themselves with the methods of working with the program and to inform about the automation and usefulness of the web service before the introduction in the company. The goal is to simplify the work of system administrators, automate the process of installing and configuring a service, and prepare for the installation of a program for recording working hours of staff.

Useful settings

Setting up of personal statistics

Personal statistics allows employees to see the indicators of their hours worked in the sections «Working hours» and «Reports». By default, personal statistics are disabled. To enable, specify an email in the employee’s settings and click «Send credentials». The employee will receive an email with the parameters for entering the statistics.

Program operating modes

In explicit mode, employees will be able to view their statistics, pause monitoring or disable it, configure program launch parameters. Explicit mode is enabled by default.

In stealth mode, an employee cannot disable or pause a program. You can configure the modes in the control panel of the program on the site.


To temporarily keep outdated data on work and organize the list of working employees, use archiving. Data is saved but will be moved to the «Archive» section. View them if necessary or delete to make room.

Monitoring the work on the Terminal server

The program supports work in terminal mode, which will allow you to control the work of employees on the terminal server. You can add exceptions, archive, delete, issue access to statistics. The only difference is server licensing: one license is equal to one account on the terminal server.

About licensing

One license corresponds to one computer

This is economically beneficial for your company because when you buy a license, it is applied to one target computer, and not to a specific employee. An office computer is a working tool of more than one person, and in this case, you take into account the work of all employees working on it, buying one license.

License management

Computers go out of service or require replacement, what will happen to the purchased license? Transfer the purchased license from the old computer to the new one in the web service control panel, the «Employees» section. Select the old PC from the list, click the «Certificate» icon, select the new target computer.

Is it possible to install a client application without a license?

The computer will be added to the system, but no data about the work will be available. Without a license, the program runs in standby mode. Data in this mode is not accumulated or transmitted.

Initial system setup

The working hours of company employees

First of all, after registration, you need to configure the company profile: time zone and working hours. If you do not, you will have to manually change it for each employee. Time zone by default: GMT +3: 00, working hours: from 9-00 to 18-00.

Installation features

Automatic adding of employees

After installing the program, information about the new employee is displayed automatically after a couple of minutes. If during installation you use the Administrator account and do not want it to be added, use the exception during installation.

Removing an employee from monitoring

Add to the exceptions those computer accounts that need to be excluded from control. It can be «Admin», «Administrator», etc. If you skipped this step during installation, make exceptions after installation in the program settings locally on the computer.

Auto-complete of employee profile

So that system administrators do not manually enter information about the employee: name, email, department name, phone, we have provided for automatic addition of information to the employee’s card. This feature works in a domain controller when employee profiles are completed. If your company does not use a controller, then the data must be entered manually.

If something went wrong

If after installing the program statistics data did not appear, then something went wrong. Look at the log file of the program which stores information about the program:


C:\ProgramData\Windows Cap\smchost.log
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Windows Cap\smchost.log