Parental control of the Internet – why is it important?

1. You want to know if your child communicates with strangers online.

2. You doubt if your child follows the rules of online communication.

3. You want to learn more about the hobbies and interests of your children.

4. You are not able to control the time that your children spend at PC.

5. You want to improve your child’s progress in school.

6. You are concerned about the physical and mental health of your children. helps you understand interests and hobbies of your kids and identify addiction and online safety threats.

With InspectSystem parental control you can:

  • Track frequency and total time of using PC by your child, and any program in particular.
  • Track gaming time.
  • Track the child’s activity in social networks.
  • Track queries in search engines.
  • Execute hidden control over the child’s activity at the computer.

How it works?

1. Create your account on, download and install the client app on your child’s PC.

2. The app automatically collects data and transfers statistics to the server.

3. Log in to your account on to watch PC statistics and get customizable reports.

IMPORTANT! is a real time service, which allows you to monitor your child’s activity any time and from anywhere. You can use any device with a browser to get the stats.

Our mission:

To help you understand your children better, protect them from negative factors of gaming and Internet, determine and eliminate threats to their well-being.

To safeguard a child in the world of information.

Special offer for the Parental Control

Monthly for 1 PC

Annual fee for 1 PC

Monthly for 1 PC

Annual fee for 1 PC

Monthly for 1 PC

Annual fee for 1 PC