Is it important to monitor the activity of the child at the computer?

1. You think that your child communicates with strangers in social networks.

2. You are doubt if your child knows the rules of communication In Internet.

3. You want to learn more about the hobbies and interests of your children.

4. You are not able to control the time that your children spend at the computer.

5. You see the decline in the progress of children in school.

6. You are concerned about the physiological and mental health of children. helps you to identify the causes of changes in your child’s behaviar and understand his interests and hobbies

Our features:

  • Registering the frequency and total time of using PC and working in any program.
  • Tracking for the launching of game or other programs and the duration of their work.
  • Fixing the activity in social networks.
  • Tracking the queries in search engines.
  • Hidden control over activity at the computer.

How in works?

1. Create your own account on, download and install the statistics collection program on your child’s computer.

2. The program automatically collects data and transfers statistics to the server.

3. Log in to your account on to watch on statistics using the proposed reports.

IMPORTANT! is real time service, which allows you to monitor your child’s activity at any time and location. You can do it at work, on a business trip.

Additional features of the program Parental Control

 1 month of statistics data storing.
 Ability to pause / resume the service.
 Notification about controlled events to email.

Our mission:

Help you protect your children from negative factors of using of the computer and Internet. Better understand your children, to react quickly to risks. To help the child feel himself safety in the world of unlimited information.
To help parents take care of the life and health of children.

Special offer for the Parental Control

Monthly for 1 PC

Annual fee for 1 PC

Monthly for 1 PC

Annual fee for 1 PC

Monthly for 1 PC

Annual fee for 1 PC