Privacy Policy

Last update: 04 february 2020

InspectSystem Company (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is responsible for observing the rights of each user of the InspectSystem Internet Service (hereinafter referred to as the Service) to the confidentiality of information, including personal data (hereinafter referred to as Information), which is provided and accumulated during the use of the Service. We never share personal data.

The Company’s privacy policy explains how the Company processes information obtained during the use of the Service.

Responsibility for the processing of personal data

InspectSystem is responsible for the processing of your data on our website in accordance with the law.

Data and its use

When you visit the site and its pages, we store the identifier of the browser you are accessing from, the date and duration of your session with an IP address. We use your IP address to estimate your location to provide the correct information for your area.

We process data on user interaction with the site pages to make our service more understandable, convenient to use, and also for our marketing purposes.


InspectSystem uses cookies to process information: visitor (user) identifier, data about interactions when visiting the site. This is done to ensure clarity when working with the site, to ensure the safety of the site and service, for marketing purposes. Cookies are small text-files with data for records management and improving features on our website.

Cookies are stored on your device, and you completely manage and control their use: disabling or restricting the transmission of cookies. This feature is configured on the side of your web browser. Also, cookies that are already collected can be deleted by you at any time.

Account or registration

When you create an account (register in the system), you will need to provide an email address and the current phone number. The Company processes the information you provide in the Service, as well as the information received in the process of using the Service. Information received from the user is not subject to verification by the Company.

The company is not responsible for the provision of false information by the user. Account data is processed to identify you as a user, to send you notifications and reports embedded in the feature set of the Service. Data processing is carried out to ensure the security of our website, database back-up, market research and communications with you.

You completely manage your InspectSystem account at your discretion. All data accumulated by you is available to you without restrictions. You have full access to actions with them: delete or save data. After the account expires, the data is stored in the system.

Account deactivation

Deactivation is the automatic removal of accumulated statistics and account projects, provided that the account has expired and was inactive more than three months ago. Data cancellation occurs 24 hours after notification of the account holder about deactivation by e-mail. Deactivation does not mean deleting the account, but only resetting the accumulated data.

Access to information to third parties

Any information received from users of the Service is processed by the Company as confidential, in a limited access mode.

Access to information to third parties is provided after the written consent of the corresponding user. Sufficient notification of the user of his consent to provide access to information to a third party is a notification letter sent from the user’s email address specified during registration.

Access to information to third parties without the consent of the corresponding user is provided by the Company solely to resolve disputes arising between the user and the Company, as well as in cases provided by law.

Registering a user in the Service means his consent to the processing by the Company of the personal data provided by him, as well as his consent to the provision by the Company of access to such personal data to third parties to resolve disputes (including representing the interests of the Company) that arose between the user and the Company.

Personal data received by the Company in the process of using the Service by the user is processed by the Company under the law.

The processing of personal data is carried out by the Company solely to provide services, improve the quality of services provided, maintain relevant internal statistics, resolve disputes that arise between the user and the Company.

Sufficient written notification of the user about the inclusion of his data in the personal database of the Company, about the transfer of his data to third parties, about the change of personal data or their destruction is a notification letter sent to the user’s e-mail specified during registration.

Legal processing basics

We collect data from you and process it legally, under applicable law. We use your information:
– to provide the work of the Inspectsystem Service, customer service and user support for the Service;
– to provide personalized demonstration materials and capabilities, ensure security and protect the service;
– for research and new developments, to promote the InspectSystem and its advertising;
– to ensure appropriate legal obligations.

Your rights regarding your data

You have the right to receive information about your data processed by InspectSystem, to correct, delete or restrict processing.

You have the right to receive information about your data processed by InspectSystem, to correct, delete or restrict processing.

In case of questions or comments regarding personal data, you can contact our InspectSystem team via contact e-mail:

We can only identify you by your email address, adhere to your request and provide you with information, if we have your data, if you contacted us directly and use(-d) our Service.