Terms of Use

Date of the last update: 02 April, 2020


Thank you for your interest and use of the InspectSystem software: a local solution or an online cloud Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”). By using the Service, you agree to these Terms. Please read them carefully.

Using Service

You must comply with all the rules that you will be asked to read when using the Service.

Do not misuse the Service. In particular, do not try to interfere with its operation or gain access bypassing the standard interface and our instructions. Use the Service only in accordance with the legislation. If you violate these terms and conditions or if we suspect you of this, we may suspend or completely block your access to the Service.

When working with the Service, you are not granted intellectual property rights either to the Service itself or to the content associated with it. These conditions do not provide you with the right to use any branding or logo elements of our Service.

If you use our Service, we can send you notifications, messages from the administrator, and other information materials. In some cases, you can, if necessary, refuse to receive them.

Your account

An account is required to use the service. You can create it yourself, or in some cases, the Service administrator will provide it to you. If you gained access to the system from the administrator, he has the right to view your account. Also, you can create additional accounts within your own company to delimit access for trustees of your company.

If you suspect that your password is known to outsiders or someone has changed it, change it yourself so that no one can log into your account again. To do this, log in to your account: section Settings – Administrators. If you have problems with access, use the password recovery page, enter your username.

User name: the username is the email address used to create the account. If the password could not be changed and you cannot log in, fill out the form.

Confidentiality and copyright protection

When using the Service, you authorize us to use your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy. The latter sets out why we use this data and how to ensure user privacy when working with the Service.

Your Service contents

When working with the Service, some data is accumulated and stored – the content. You can manage the data, set their retention period, delete and modify them. The content is used by us solely to ensure the operation of the Service, its improvement and development of new features.

Detailed information on how the content is applied and stored is given in the privacy policy and in the additional conditions for using the Service. If you send us feedback and suggestions regarding working with the Service, we reserve the right to sell them without incurring any obligations to their author.

About the software connected with the Service

To work with the Service, you must download the software. It can be automatically updated on the user’s device when its next version appears, or a new function is introduced. The service allows you to configure automatic updates parameters.

InspectSystem Company provides you with a personal, worldwide valid license to use its software as part of working with the Service. It allows you to use all the benefits in full compliance with these Terms. You do not have the right to copy, modify, distribute, sell or lease any elements of the Service and related software, reverse engineer and try to extract the source code of this software, except as otherwise provided by law, or with written permission from us.

Modification and Termination of the Service

We are constantly changing and improving the Service. From time to time, we introduce or remove some features and capabilities. We can also suspend the Service or close it.

You have the right to stop using the Service at any time. Besides, we can at any time close your access to it, restrict it or stipulate new related conditions.

We pay great attention to user access to their data. Upon closing the Service, we will take all measures to notify users of this, and provide them with the opportunity to copy the data contained in it.

Warranties and Disclaimers

We provide the Service based on economic feasibility, functionality and support.

Neither InspectSystem company nor its suppliers or distributors provide any other warranties regarding the Service than those specified in the presented and additional Terms of Use. In particular, we do not undertake any obligations regarding the content of the Service, their special functional capabilities, reliability, availability and suitability to your needs. Services are provided on an “as is” basis.

The legislation of some countries provides guarantees such as marketability, suitability for a particular field of application and the absence of copyright infringement. Except as provided by law, we exclude all implied warranties.

Responsibility in relation to the Service

Neither InspectSystem company nor its suppliers or distributors are liable for lost profits and income, loss of data, financial losses, or for indirect, special, collateral, punitive damage or penalty unless otherwise provided by law.

With the exception of situations stipulated by law, the general liability of the company, its suppliers and distributors in any claim with respect to these conditions, including all implied warranties, is limited to the amount paid by you for using the Service (or, at our option, the re-provision of the Service to you).

Under no circumstances will InspectSystem company, its suppliers or distributors be liable for incidental damages or losses.

Commercial use of Service

If you use our Service on behalf of your company, this means that the company accepts these Terms. It undertakes to protect InspectSystem company, its subsidiaries, management, agents and employees from any lawsuits, processes and proceedings related to your use of the Service or your violation of these Terms, as well as from any liability, including financial, in relation to claims, damages, losses, processes, litigation, legal costs and attorney fees.

About these Terms of use

We reserve the right to change these or additional Terms of Use in case of amendments to the legislation or updates of the Service itself. You need to regularly monitor information about such adjustments. We will inform you about changes to the conditions on this page. Changes have no retroactive effect and take effect no earlier than fourteen days from the date of publication. However, if they are associated with the introduction of new functions of the Service or amendments to the legislation, they will be applied immediately. If you do not agree with the changes in the terms of use of the Service, you must stop working with it.

If these Terms contradict the additional ones, the latter have priority.

These Terms govern the relationship between InspectSystem company and you. They do not provide for the regulation of the rights of third parties.

If you violate these Terms and we do not take immediate actions, this does not mean that we do not intend to assert our rights afterwards (including taking certain actions).

If one of the provisions of these conditions ceases to be valid, this will not affect the legitimacy of the remaining provisions.

You can find out how to contact InspectSystem company representatives on the page with the contact information .