Terms of Use

Date of the last update: 28 April, 2017


We thank you for expressing an interest and using the Internet Service InspectSystem (further “Service”). It is provided by the company VirtonSoft.

Using Service, you are agreed with the current Conditions. We ask you to read them carefully.

Using Service

You must follow all rules that you will be offered to read carefully while using the Service.

Do not misuse Service. In particular, do not try to interfere with its working process or to get an access against standard interface and our instructions. Use Service only according to the legislation standards. If you break the service conditions, rules or if we will suspect you being involved in such, we can suspend or completely close an access to the Service.

Working with the Service, you are not granted with intellectual property rights neither for Service, nor for the related contents. Current conditions do not grant you with the rights to use any elements of branding or logo of our Service.

If you are using our Service, we can snd you notifications, messages from administrator and other informative materials. In some cases, you can refuse to receive them.

Your account

Account is necessary to use the service. You can create an account independently or it can be provided by the administrator of the Service. If you received an access to the system from the administrator, he has the right to view your account. Also you can create additional accounts independently within your own company to differentiate access for confidential people in your company.

If you suspect that your password knows someone else or it has been changed, change it immediately so no one will have an access to your account. To do so access your account: Settings – Administrative section. If problems occurred, follow the web page to recover the password indicating your user name.

User name: user name is the e-mail address that was used to create an account. If you cannot change the password and access the system, complete the form.

Confidentiality and copyright protection

Working with the Service you allow us to use personal information according to privacy policy. At the end it is stated what we apply data for and how we provide user with confidentiality working with the Service.

Your Service contents

Working with the Service, some data is collected and saved – content. You can work with data, set storage period, delete and change it. We use the content only for ensuring work of Service, its improvements and development of new opportunities.

Detailed information on how the content is applied and stored, is provided in private policy and in additional conditions on using Service. If you send us reviews and suggestions concerning work with the Service, they will be certainly implemented without carrying any obligations to the author.

About the software connected with the Service

To work with the Service, it is necessary to download the software, it can be automatically updated with the user?s device once new version is emerged or introduction of new function. Service allows to adjust parameters of automatic updates

The InspectSystem company offers you personal, operative around the world, license to use its software within work with Service. It allows you to benefit from the Conditions that you are provided with. You are not allowed to copy, change, distribute, sell or to lease any elements of the Service and any related software. It is also forbidden to carry out or in the presence of our written permission.

Modification and Termination of the Service

We are constantly modifying and improving our service. From time to time we introduce or remove some of the features and capabilities. We can suspend the Service or shut it down.

You have the right to stop using the Service at any time. In addition, we may terminate your access at any time, limit it or stipulate with related new conditions.

We pay huge attention on users to have an access to their data. When closing Service, we take all measures to warn our users about it, and we give an opportunity for them to copy all containing data in it.

Guarantees and rejection of obligations

We provide Service proceeding from economically reasonable, functionality and support.

Neither the InspectSystem company, nor its suppliers and distributors do not give any guarantees concerning Service, except those that are specified in the presented and additional Conditions of use. In particular, we do not take any obligations concerning of the Service content, its special functionality, reliability, availability and correspondence to your requirements. Service is provided following the principle “as is it?.

The legislation of some countries provides such guarantees as marketability, suitability to a certain scope of application and lack of copyright infringement. Except the situations, stipulated by the legislation, we exclude all implied guarantees.

Responsibility in relation to the Service

Neither InspectSystem company, nor its suppliers and distributors do not carry the responsibility for the lost profit, half-received income, loss of data, financial losses, and also neither for indirect, special, mediated, a penalty or punitive detriment, unless other are not provided by the legislation.

Except situations stipulated by the legislation, shared responsibility of the company, its suppliers and distributors in any claim concerning given conditions, including all implied guarantees, it is confined by the sum paid by you to use Service (or by our choice, providing you with the Service once again).

Under no circumstances the InspectSystem company, its suppliers and distributors will carry responsibility for unforeseen detriment or losses.

Commercial use of Service

If you use our Service on behalf of your company, it means that the company accepts given Terms. It undertakes to protect the InspectSystem company, its affiliated structures, management, agents and employees from any judicial claims, processes and trials connected to your use of Service or violating provided Terms, and also from any responsibility, including financial, concerning claims, detriment, damage, processes, trials, a legal cost and lawyers fees.

About Terms of use

We retain the right to change these or additional Terms of use in case of the legislation amendments or Service updates. You need to trace information on such adjustments regularly. We will report about changes of terms on this page. Changes have no reverse operation and come into force not earlier than fourteen days from the moment of the publication. However if it is connected to the introduction of new functions of Service or legislation amendments, so it will be applied immediately. If you do not agree with changes in Service terms of use, you have to stop work with it.

If these terns contradict with additional once, the last have a priority.

These terms regulate relationship between the InspectSystem company and you. They do not provide regulation of the rights of the third parties.

If you violate given terms and we do not take immediate actions, it does not mean that we do not intend to assert the rights in the future (including to take certain actions).

If one of provisions of the given terms become invalid, it will not affect legitimacy of other provisions.

How to contact representatives of the InspectSystem company, you can find on the following page with contact information .