System for Tracking Working Time

The Base Version of system time tracking


Counting time office staff

Analyze and improve the performance of staff time. Take a look economically the problem of the gaps.

Time tracking for remote employees

By working on tasks on the personal computer, the employee will be able to run and to stop the system, to analyze the time worked.

Personal statistics to employees

Include personal statistics of time worked employee to see own poor performance and controlled time.

Basic version for 14 days is for free!

The system of accounting of working time will help you to automate control mode the work of employees. Turn on the display of the statistics officer to saw your performance, to enhance self-discipline. For a more detailed personnel monitoring, use the “Full version” programs for monitor employees.

The Full Version of system time tracking

full version

Many features

Expand the capabilities of monitoring the activities of staff computers. Analyze the task. The system will display as the desktop computer.

Time tracking programs

Automatically calculate what the program spends the most time, how much time is spent in the runnable programs.

Visualization of the job for PC

Browse visually the activity of the employees. The system sorts the collected the data for a quick check.

Help in conflict situations

The system registers all activity on your computer and saves data. This will allow you to handle many conflict situations related to negligence or theft.

Advantages of time tracking system

Control performance

Consider employment indicators: delay, working activity, and weaning interruptions. Browse the report.

Program security

The system is protected from blocking by the employee and distortion performance.

Control in real time

Use the service to monitor current information about the work.

Payroll report

Automatically calculate wages for time worked employees.

Control with any device

Work with the system using any Internet browser. Control from anywhere.

Work in different time zones

Monitor the work of remote offices and branch offices in other cities or countries.

Budget monitoring system

Use the components of the accounting system that you want, not overpaying for complex systems and functions.

E-mail notifications

Automated reporting of violations come directly in the mail.

Storage without limits

Check the statistics for any period of time. The limit on storage is missing.

Web service or own Server

Choose where to store the data: in Online Service or on own Server.

When it is difficult to understand, where does the time working, on which tasks spent by employees – the System of tracking working time will be useful. Take into account whether the employee worked time, wish to optimize, protect watches? InspectSystem will help you determine employee productivity, improve the work to analyze the indicators of waste time. Working time will show the leader of accurate and valid information of workdays staff.

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