Software for Time Tracking And PC Activity Monitoring


Timesheets and billing

Analyze and bill active time, mind and control idle time of your staff.


Get the whole picture of staff computer time with visualized active/idle time graphs.

Self-managed time tracking

InspectSystem may be self-managed by your staff members. In visible mode, users may toggle start/stop tracking; besides, a user may be granted access to his/her personal stats online to analyze own productivity.

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InspectSystem time tracking can automate and visualize your employee attendance control, as well as enhance self-discipline of your staff. For detailed personnel activity monitoring, try Full version.

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Activity screening

Analyze productivity with InspectSystem screenshot monitor. The service will take, arrange and keep online regular screenshots of monitored workstations.

Software activity tracking

Monitor user’s active windows and sort daily results by software. Get to know actual working time spent in each active window.

Evidence base

The software records employee’s computer activity and saves data on the server. This data may prove priceless to defend in labour disputes, to control security breaches, negligence or theft.

Get a free 14 day trial!

Advantages of time tracking system

Productive time and discipline control

Check, summarize and analyze time and attendance indicators: delays, idle time and interruptions. Get customizable reports.

Security management

The software is managed remotely. Monitored users have minor chances to interrupt or distort collected data.

Minute-by-minute control

Get fresh data every 60 seconds or more.

Payroll calculation

Get to know exact machine time spent on every project and every file. Calculate accurate hourly wages and external billing hours.

Control with any device

You may log in and access InspectSystem server in any Internet browser, regardless of your operating system and location.

E-mail notifications

Get automated reports daily or for any desired interval.

Unlimited cloud storage

You may keep as much monitoring data as you want as you use the web service.

Corporate server version

You may set up your own InspectSystem server for your local network, with or without Internet connection.