TimeTracking Employee

Statistics of consumption of working time at the computer tells a sad indicators inefficiency of employees, how to improve the situation? Program for time tracking will increase the productivity of employees, due to the simple online monitoring of the performance of the computer. Program automatically logs that simplifies the application and use in companies. Accounting software will help to identify and monitor these indicators.

Description TimeTracking Software

Analyze hours worked

Monitor the time spent at the computer, analyze the costs for automatic statistics workdays in numbers:
– the number of late arrivals or early departures
– fault processing hours
– separation.


Check work

Control work at the computer and check when needed. The program saves information about time and activity, displaying in visual form. In the “Full version” you will understand in what order you use your work computer.


Consider working hours in programs

Analyze how time is being spent on various programs and control parameters. View which programs spend more time and optimize processes. In the “Full version” contains the whole statistics of the employee by running programs.


Count the salary for time worked

Easily manage remote employees. The program will automatically calculate the due income of the employee for hours worked. To enable automatic calculation, set the rate per hour of work.


Create reports on working time

Analyze performance of the employee on the different reports: tardiness, early departures, absences, hours worked. Use to organize office work. You will check how the employees comply with treatment and there’s improvement.

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