Monitoring employee computers: key features

Lets have a look at 6 differences of InspectSystem from other systems.

1. Full Control over the System from the Head

The system can be easily managed by director, without assistance of the technical specialists. It does not require purchasing server equipment. The system can be managed via web-browser. Director personally creates an account in the system (e-mail is required) and provides its deputy with an access to the system to control subordinates at their working places.

2. Access to Data by Job Roles

The system provides a special role is a job function. The company Manager assigns and manages the rights. There are built-in roles: System administrator (only install the program and configure), HR Manager (control of working hours, reports), Head of Department (control of the PC work for your Department or team).

3. Absence of Espionage Modules and Total Shadowing

The program easily works even on late version computers without slowing down working process of the personnel. It is because a simple application operation algorithm is used, which transfers data to the server where it is being processed. Password interceptions, keyboard tracer, data collection on search requests and others are not used in the system, which makes it simple and easy to use.

4. The Program is Protected

The program is protected from blocking and removal of employee, it is not in “installed programs”. Software works in hidden and explicit modes, depending on the settings.

5. Personal Statistics for Staff

Working in the visible mode the employee sees their own statistics the time worked. It improves discipline and responsibility.

6. Renting the Software without Reinstalling on the Computer

Use control when needed. You can suspend the monitoring of employee computers and resume again when there is a need, without having to reinstall software or re-setup on the computer. By renting, you save money and time!

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