Monitoring features

Check out the particulars of InspectSystem monitoring:

1. Full managerial control

The system can be easily managed by an authorized user, with no tech specialists involved. The management is done via web-browser. Upon signup, the manager may authorize other users to enter the service and monitor the staff.

2. User types and permissions

The system features multiple user types by the scope of permissions:

  • Manager: enjoys full access, assigns and manages the rights
  • System Administrator: installs and configures the program
  • HR Manager: browses working time reports
  • Head of Dept.: controls workstations of a single department or team

3. No spyware or total surveillance

InspectSystem app works well even on older computers without consuming much of the system resources, which makes it simple and easy to use. It is due to the simple operation algorithm, which transfers data to the server where it is being processed. No password interceptors or keyloggers are featured.

4. Security Protection

The client app is protected from blocking and removal by employee, it is not shown in Windows “Add Or Remove Programs” list. The app may work in visible and invisible mode, depending on the settings.

5. Personal Stats

In visible mode the employee is able to view his/her own working time statistics. It facilitates self-discipline and responsibility in the team.

6. Renewable subscription

Use control when needed. If your license expires, the client apps simply stop collecting and transmitting data. However, your InspectSystem account and settings remain on the server unless you decide to delete the account. You can renew the license any time and continue monitoring when there is a need, without having to reinstall client apps or re-configure the account.

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