Safety InspectSystem

InspectSystem develops and provides software as a service (SaaS), and creates a platform for use in closed corporate networks companies. We understand the importance of security and privacy of customer information and working on reliability and safety of the service. After reading the article, you will learn the principles of data transfer, preservation and access to information, how the components of the service.

The structure and components of the service

The web service includes two elements:
Software – a client application that is installed on the office computer that collects and transmits data.
Works in two modes: secretly and openly.
Web-service – accepts and stores data, it is implemented via access to reports.

Open the employee works with the software and will be able to:

  • to view the statistics of employee working hours;
  • to analyze their own records of spending time;
  • pause and disable monitoring.

The pause function is needed to account for remote employees working on their own computers, remotely.
To work with the Web service registration required the head of service, to create a personal account and an installation file.


The program is installed on stationary computers or laptops running Windows. Supported Windows Desktop and Server editions. During the development we used standard library of C++. We care about stability and quality of the software: updating, make the necessary edits and adding new features.

We receive comments from users and fix a problem and their wishes.

Information about the software is described in detail in System of monitoring employees.

Application security

The main approaches to data collection, data transmission and programming of the app:

  • The use of SSL for data transmission and reception;
  • The program uses a clean programming techniques C++, no hidden codes to identity theft;
  • The use of standard libraries of C++;
  • The software does not change the folder structure or files, does not modify, move or copy;
  • The health and performance of your computer remains the same as before the installation InspectSystem client;
  • The files are not modified;
  • The software does not interact with other scripts or other people’s software or network resources;
  • The installation file available for download after login in the service and are unique for every company;
  • The program only launches the default browser, if desired employee to view their own statistics.

What information is transferred InspectSystem agent?

The program is known, the following information:

  • Mac address, local ip, network name, login. These data are necessary to identify the user;
  • the software generates universal computer ID that identifies the device. It helps to recognize the computer after you reinstall your operating system;
  • a list of names of applications run, for counting worktime;
  • the names of the title windows in which the work was performed;
  • the working time interval;
  • intervals of downtime;
  • screenshots;
  • the software communicates with Active Directory using the stored information about the employee. It automates adding employees, you do not enter manually. The program will automatically populate employee data fields name, email. Automatically creates the necessary departments, it saves a lot of time.


Data transfers are controlled by you in personal Cabinet. InspectSystem is not designed for detailed surveillance of the employee and personal data: passwords, files or private data. The program does not record keystrokes an employee who does not steal passwords, fill forms, extract data from browsers.

Purpose – accounting work at the computer to see the exact employment of staff, to determine efficiency and to ensure that employees work.

Security Web service

InspectSystem processes data and stores information on servers located in a secure and modern Data Centers. Access to servers is organized only to authorized employees. The technical work is strictly controlled and recorded in the logs. Equipment used in data Center with reliable degree of protection and fault tolerance. In addition to this service include monitoring of internal and external factors of dangers.

By registering in the web service, you create a company account and gain access to personal account, where remotely configure InspectSystem-agent and manage settings:

  • Mode of working time and employees of your company;
  • individual schedules;
  • the parameters of the screenshots (on-off, quality, image scale, intervals of screenshots);
  • hidden and open modes;
  • configure e-mail notifications;
  • enable/disable individual statistics for the employee.

The service accumulates data that you manage: time statistics and information about the work of the staff. The Login in service of the organized procedure for identifying the user by password, the username is an email address.

Please, serious attitude to the security of your account: the quality or complexity of password. Do not give the access of unauthorized persons and unreliable, and for additional access to special built-in roles, it will help to appoint access officers in accordance with the responsibilities in the company. Do not give in the management of the account from which you registered. Data transmission & communication the web service application takes place through a secure communication channel, therefore, to work with the system in public places.

We understand and listen carefully to the customers, the security policy which restricts the use of online services and cloud technology. For this purpose we have developed standalone version of a web service for use in your local network equipment.

If you have any additional questions, please write to us.